Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has received U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe at his office today.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has received U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe at his office today.

“I welcome Senator Jim Inhofe, a friend to Ethiopians, to his second home Ethiopia,” the Premier said on Facebook. The two are expected to hold discussions on various issues regarding the latest developments in Ethiopia.
It is to be recalled that Jim Inhofe opposed the visa restrictions imposed on Ethiopia by the Biden Administration last week.
Senator Jim Inhofe who seems detached from Ethiopia’s internal issues and relying only on government narrative showered unmerited praise on Abiy Ahmed. “Dr Abiy is arguably the most educated, the smartest guy that I have seen in that position in the entire continent of Africa,” He said Senator Jim continues: ‘’He (Abiy) is also a tremendous person who is committed to democracy and to a prosperous future for Ethiopia. Abiy is showing that with his recent actions as well.’’ Senator Jim’s statement was a complete surprise to most of the Ethiopians and diplomats who are closely following Ethiopian issues.
Some analysts believe that Abiy invited Senator Jim who is regarded as one of his close friends and religious associate so as to influence Biden’s stance against his administration.
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Namni MM biyyaa tokko ta’ee utuu jiru akkamiin Senator tokkof akkas gadii jedhee Paarkii daawwachiisaa akka waan tour guide ta’eetti. Utuu Jaal Joe Biden dhufee immo miilla dhiqaaf.
Ani gurbaa kanaa afaan ingilizii haasa’uu hin dhageenyeem, abdiin qaba dhaamsa jaarsi kun “mootummaa Ameerikaa” biraa fide dhufe akka inni tole jedhee fuudhatu.

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  1. በነዚህም ዜጎቻችን መነገድ ጀመሩ (instead of halting the genocide and hunger) says:

    THis guy is exploiting the country and its resources regradless of the resources he is using. enemy ofall tribes who support abiy at this time

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