Press Release: A month-long-global Oromummaa Campaign – June 2021

Press Release: A month-long-global Oromummaa Campaign – June 2021

The month of June 2021 is special for Oromos for a couple of reasons.

First, having herded Oromo political leaders into prison on trumped up charges the neo-neftenya government of Ethiopia (GoE) is planning to hold a fake general election, in June, in which it is the only contender. The Oromo people, in Oromia and in the Diaspora, will be demonstrating to the world its rejection of this not free, nor fair, sham election in which it is not represented.

Secondly, last year, in the month of June, after murdering our beloved artist and activist Hacalu Hundessa, the neo-neftenya GoE used it as a pretext to continue killing and herding Oromo people into detention camps.

Having recognized these acts of the GoE to be part and parcel of its long campaign conducted to destroy Oromummaa (Oromo identity) and dismantle Oromia, Oromo organizations and intellectuals came together and decided that June 2012 become “Oromummaa Campaign” month.

Objectives of “Oromummaa campaign” are to:

  1. Re intensify the demand for the immediate release of Oromo political party leaders and other prisoners of conscience,
  2. Demonstrate the Oromo people’s rejection of the upcoming not fair nor free, Sham Ethiopian general election which is going to be conducted after the neo-neftenya GoE has unjustly imprisoned Oromo leaders and left the Oromo nation without representatives,
  3. Demand an independent, internationally supervised, transparent and credible investigation into political assassinations and crimes against humanity perpetrated against the people of Oromia to hold the perpetrators accountable.
  4. Commemorate the first anniversary of, June 29th, the death of Oromo Artist Hachalu Hundessa and all those who gave their life for the cause of justice, freedom and the right of self-determination.
  5. Demand referendum on self-determination for the Oromo people.

The campaign shall:

  • Kick-off with a global virtual conference on June 6th, 2021 on which representatives of Oromo political organizations, of community associations, of faith based organizations, of women, of scholars and professionals, of artists will be speaking;
  • Public protests and other public events including conferences and fundraising events shall take place in various countries and cities across the globe;
  • The campaign shall close with a global, virtual, conference on June 29th, 2021, Commemorating the first anniversary of the assassination of Oromo Artist Hachalu Hundessa and all those who gave their life for the cause of justice, freedom and the right of self-determination

We call on all our compatriots to support, volunteer to help plan and take part in activities to be voices for our voiceless people in demanding inalienable Oromo rights.

1) Oromia Global Forum
2) Global Oromo Inter-Faith Council
3) Jabdu Oromo-American Women’s Council
4) Oromo Human Rights Group
5) Team Free Oromia
6) Walaboomuu (Complete Liberation)
7) Finfinnee News Network
8) OYA Manchester
9) Hegeree News Network
10) Gurmuu Oromummaa
11) Urjii Broadcasting Center
12) OYA Minnesota
13) Gurmuu Hayyoota Oromoo
14) Oromo Studies Association
15) Kello
16) Hawaasa Oromo UK
17) Hawaasa Oromo Washington DC
18) Qubee MN