President Gibxii #Sisi dhimma nageenya galaana diimaa(red sea)irratti President Jibuutii #Ismail_Omar

President Gibxii #Sisi dhimma nageenya galaana diimaa(red sea)irratti President Jibuutii #Ismail_Omar wajjiin akka waliin dalagaan kaayirootti walii galanii jiru akka Egypt Daily magazine gabaasetti.Amma kan marfamaa jiru Abiyyi moo Jawaar??

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  1. We urge the world leaders to take action and withdraw the invading forces from Tigray.
    These dark forces are arbitrary arresting and ill-treating youngesters and old men
    who took refuge in the IDP centers located in Shire .Besides , Eritrean and Ethiopian forces went from house to house rounding up youngmen.
    We are voicing the suffering of the people of Tigray and all those who are affected by ethnic cleansing campaign launched by the ruling party and its accomplices in an effort to urge the internaltional community act as fas as possible to save them and enable themto get access to immediate humanitarian aid.
    As we have seen thus far, Eritrean government has sufficiently inured to sanctions and restrictions . There’s no doubt about it—The Eritrean government is gonna habituate the prosperity party to sanctions and restriction as much as it played a huge part in conferring human right abuse upon his disciple, Abiy Ahmed.
    Therefore, Sanctions will not force the invaders to leave Tigray unless the international community, UNSC , intervene and expell them forcefully.
    Help end the ongoing war and allow the People of Tigray get access to immediate humanitarian aid. ****** Eritrean and Ethiopian soldiers are arresting yougmen and torturing them, destroying private & public facilities insofar as they are not expelled by force from Tigray! It is needs to be recalled that people are dying and suffering from hunger and every single life is unique and precious regardless of age, socio-economic and political background etc !

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