The so called ”preacher” must be charged with defamation, and banned

The so called ”preacher” must be charged with defamation, and banned from any preaching.

MUST WATCH – ቤ/ክ እሬቻን ስትቃወም። የኦሮሞ ባህል የሴይጣን ስራ አይደለም።

Although often associated with Pentecostals, Ethiopian Mekane Yesus, an Oromo majority church, doesn’t support this practice.

We were informed,

“This church is called ‘Kalehiwot’. It is dominated by Walaitas. It is sad that there is no law in place to protect our values against such baseless accusation and religious propaganda. Something must be done. This is alarming!”

When a country is governed  by mafia and there is no rule of law that governs the country, the rule of jangle takes over.  

This stupid idiot individual does not know what he is doing and saying may be he is trying to be accepted by the TPLF’s cadres. Offending the Oromo people without any reason  is not a jock! May be he doesn’t even know what he is saying and doing. Very sad. 

This is the lost generation, it shows the darkness of the people’s tolerance and respect for each others culture and belief.

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  1. Hey guys let me remind you how habesha sons fight each other in medieval history. Both sides (Amhara and Tigre) were deceiving people to gain followers so that they attack each other by the name of religion.
    So be watchful to neutralize their evil debetra moves.

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