PP’s Another Round Shame

PP’s Another Round Shame

By Rundaasaa E. Hunde, May 4, 2021


The first question that came to my mind, when I heard Prosperity Party (PP)’s invasion of Obboo Dawud Ibsa’s compound was Abiy Ahmed’s lies and the cruelty that led him to murder Haacaluu Hundeessaa, and thousands of bright Oromo youth. This for sure will be the conclusion of tens of thousands of Oromos who suffered under the PP political drama full of deception and failure.

But let’s ask what really happened a few hours ago at Obbo Dawud’s residence? What did precisely occur? ”

Hours before Abiy Ahmed ordered the Finfinnee police commissioner to invade Obbo Dawud Ibsa’s residence and confiscate his electronics, books, and papers, the European Commission invited Birhanu Naga, Prof. Mararaa Gudinaa, the Ogadenia representatives and the representative of Baldaras.

The debate that took place between the invited group started with Berihanu Naga, who argued that the European Commission should send election observers but Prof Marara Gudina proposed that the EU should rather send military and stabilize the country. The Baldaras representative agreed with Prof. Marara’s assertion and the Ogadenia team remained neutral. Being angered by Prof. Marara’s proposal, Berihanu Naga openly threatened Prof. Marara saying that the narrow nationalists will be dealt with after the election.

Soon after the EU announced that it will not send election observers, the news reached Abiy Ahmed and the fever rose without warning much in the way Abiy had been acting since he became the prime minister of his mother’s empire.

May 3, 2021, at around 5 pm, Abiy sent the intelligence team, the police, and ground forces that surrounded Obbo Dawud Ibsa’s residence broke the door, and started to intimidate everyone who lived in the compound. The invasion would not end until midnight and a new round of terror set into motion in Finfinnee. The Oromos who heard the news rushed to join the fight, but Abiy’s murdering squad fired at them.

None of them have imagined this would happen to them at the start of Abiy’s coming to power, but to their surprise, Abiy has become the evil that would cause them lifetime grief and pain.

Sure enough, the suffering he caused in three years period of time became the reminder of the Abyssinian’s evil deeds over a span of one hundred fifty (150) years.

If there is any difference between the 1890s and 2021, it will be the confusion created by the false narrative that moved through time; the political terminologies that changed to help the Habasha group retain their dominance of each era.

Now, the question which each Oromo needs to ask oneself is whether the lives of six thousand Qeerroos who died and to install this evil man in power would matter. To the hundreds of thousands of Oromo and Tigrean youth who joined the liberation struggle, fighting this evil and overcome their uncertain existence is a turning point in history. Similarly, the remaining segment of the empire’s population must be part of the effort of transforming the dying empire by recasting the existing social and political order.