G7 and all political parties have the right to campaign in Oromia or elsewhere in Ethiopia.

G7 and all political parties have the right to campaign in Oromia or elsewhere in Ethiopia.

They shouldn’t be deterred by anyone from freely doing their political campaigns in Oromia or any other states in Ethiopia even though we all know that they are against the multinational federation. But in doing so, they should abide with the relevant laws of the states including on official languages and local norms.

But in circumstances where their media outlets like ESAT keep on doing the kind of propaganda they are busy doing in the past (like attacking the Oromo identity and nationhood ), they should know that the Qeerroo in Oromia will have the right to protest at their public rallies in return to tell them to stop their propaganda. G7 and ESAT should know that five Oromo political parties joining hands to label them as anti-Oromo means something is seriously wrong on their (G7 and ESAT) side and hence better look inward to themselves instead of pointing figures onto others. Stopping their smear campaigns on Oromo parties and personalities and focusing on healthy political campaigns will benefit themselves more than any one other.
Girma Gutema

A) -Let us not forget that G-7 caused a lot of harm including death to our youth on Sept. 15, 2018 in Finfinne on the occasion of the welcome ceremony to OLF leaders. There are many who are still suffering from the physical harm. I do not want to see an organization that has caused so much harm to be invited into our home.

B)-They are propagating anti Oromo and Oromo Institutions. Even though they allowed to make their campaign in Oromia, Qerro can oppose it. In this, it may lead to other conflict. Thu, allowing them is not good at this moment.

C)-  No to Ginbot 7 campaign in all over Oromia b/c they are against Oromia and Oromo people as general…..we have no time for feudal system!

D)–G7 is not apolitical party,rather they are anti Oromo organization.We have a right to block them not to enter into our region OROMIA.

E)–Qeerroon meeqa kaan wareegamaniif akka Habashoonni Adaamatti dhiichisaniif moo..?

Ethiopia:አቶ ሌንጮ እና አቶ በቀለ ወቅታዊ መረጃ በአሐዱ መድረክ ተናገሩ:አሐዱ ሬዲዮ ኤፍ ኤም 94.3

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  1. All people whether urban or rural residents can attain the campaign and these attendees have full right to listen in Afan Oromo and the Oromia Regional State has responsibility to enforce this language and the political party meant to campaign and serve people has no right to discriminate the attendees by avoiding Afan Oromo.

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