Italian Police Clash With Migrants From Ethiopia, Eritrea (VIDEO)

Italian Police Clash With Migrants From Ethiopia, Eritrea (VIDEO)

Clashes between police and migrants took place in Rome after police tried to remove about 100 migrants from Ethiopia and Eritrea, who had set up a temporary camp at Piazza Indipendenza (Independence Square), according to the statement of police.

ROME (Sputnik) — Migrants clashed with police in Rome on Thursday when the law enforcement tried to remove their makeshift camp from the central square, the police headquarters told Sputnik.

“Piazza Indipendenza Roma, migranti sgomberati gettano bombole del gas, Polizia usa idranti”

According to the police office, the unrest began when police tried to remove about 100 migrants from Ethiopia and Eritrea, who had set up a temporary camp at Piazza Indipendenza (Independence Square), not far from the Termini railway station, after having been evicted from a house, which they had occupied for the last four years.

When the police attempted to remove people from the square where they set up a camp on Saturday, stones and bottles were hurled at them. The police used the water cannon, two people were detained.

According to the police representative, the law enforcement had learned that some migrants might have inflammable materials, so the water cannon was deployed to prevent their use. The police also said that the migrants had refused to move to the accommodation provided by the authorities.

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Piazza Indipendenza is currently under control of the law enforcement as many of the evicted migrants could be hiding in neighboring blocks. About 400 people had been living in a house.

The large influx of migrants has been a major issue for Europe, in particular, for Italy, where many migrants, choosing to travel across the Mediterranean Sea, arrive. According to the latest data of the International Organization for Migration, the number of arrivals in Italy via the Mediterranean reached 97,931, for the period between January 1 and August 20.