Perils of Negotiating With Ethiopian Rulers

Perils of Negotiating With Ethiopian Rulers

By Worku Gadissa, November 22, 2018

 “Woraabeechi si gatuu mannaa woraabeecha nyaatee lulluqachu woyaa” [It is better to eat hyena and be sanctified rather than be eaten by hyena” singer,  Ittika Teferi

This article was originally posted on Ayyaantuu August,  2016 and now reappears in order to warn Oromo leaders to be careful and not repeat historical errors of negotiating with Habesha leaders. At the present time, there is a danger looming over OLF regarding the order to disarm and reintegrate prior to negotiations. This is the exact same tactic used in 1992 to disarm and to murder or jail up to 20,000 OLF forces.

Why is this same path to death under consideration?

The purpose of this paper is to refresh our memories of past negotiations Oromos have made with Ethiopian rulers. We must remember how our Oromo leaders were cheated and deceived repeatedly in their attempts to negotiate peaceful coexistence. If we Oromos want to achieve peace and freedom in our continuing struggle against harsh Habesha rule, we have to understand history by listening carefully to the story of past negotiations. We have to stop the false mythology and look for historical realities.

For convenience, I have placed many of the sad stories of Oromo who trusted untrustworthy Habesha at the end of this article, in an index.

Recently, there has been a great deal of discussion on public media about negotiation and reconciliation among various Ethiopian political groups, including the Oromos.   We live in a time when people can instantly search for answers to their problems. However, the way to peace and unity through negotiation and reconciliation is unlikely if one of the parties is acting in bad faith.

We are presently facing the worst fake propaganda, hate, and violent genocidal activity in our history from Ethiopian leadership, who are continuing a fake narrative. Look, to the anti-Oromo radio stations, tv. Broadcasting, U-tube, bloggers, web-sites, all opening war of attrition on Oromo. As part of this scam you may attend conference calls from various political groups abroad and even with the Ethiopian Government. These scammers will often try to coerce you into a negotiation and into agreeing to a deal with the oppressive regime in Ethiopia. Their goal is to fool us out of the present Oromo struggle and into a few moments of political quiet place, so they can convince foreign donors to refinance their homicidal actions.

Historically, we Oromos pride ourselves in solving our common disputes and quarrels or wider conflicts with our tribal neighbors through “jarsumaa” a tradition of mediation and arbitration. To settle their differences, the opposing sides select wise and pious elderly figures [adage] for mediation and reconciliation. Any peace agreement reached is concluded by an oath or “kakuu” which is binding.

Over a period of 130 years, there are ample historical records and evidence showing that Oromos who engaged in political peace negotiations and treaties with feudal rulers were betrayal and double-crossed. These failures simply mean that it is impossible to negotiate in fairness, openness and truth with our governing classes whose real goal is continued oppression.

Negotiation: An Old Habesha Game.

In the past, not only did negotiations with rulers fail but all the participants were punished, either thrown into jail or killed. Negotiation is designed, not to live together in peace, but to punish those who surrender. As I show in the index at the end of this article, it is clear that not one among many mediations or negotiations were accepted and honored.

Generations come and go, rulers rise and fall. From the feudal kings Menelik and Haile Selassie, to the military junta Derg, and the Woyane terror regime, Ethiopian leaders never changed their attitude towards Oromo people. Always the devil is is in the details, which is largly unknown. There is a metaphor in Amharic: “Nebir zengurgurnatun aylewitem” (A tiger does not change its stripes)

How much longer will we passively play their game while they slaughter our children?

But you may say that it is not easy when you are defeated and weak. Where is our strength?  How can we respond with action when it feels like there is little chance for success?  Do we have a choice? TPLF offers a crude choice to Oromos between Agazi and Liyu Police.

But know this, even if we give in to all of their demands and surrender our weapons, we will find ourselves in far worse danger and our rulers will respond with a new level of aggressive activities. Nothing else- no matter what you have done, no matter what you will do, no matter what you have left undone or will leave undone, nothing at all will give them satisfaction. If we keep on trying to submit to their demands while forgetting all their past evil deeds, we will get nothing but more Oromo people death. Observe how agents of government, like the Agazi, are shooting live ammunition into innocent unarmed empty-handed peace demonstrators, just as they did in the past.

The TPLF regime is leading state sponsored terrorism. They are purposely and systematically carrying out a war of ethnic cleansing against Oromo people. They are killers and corrupt from top to bottom. Make no mistake that our rulers are very clever people. When they call for peaceful engagement, we should see that they put on a show for naïve Oromos as well as for foreign investors and donors.

Their strategy is one in which they sweet talk, while cooking up a scheme to destroy us. Those who enter into negotiation with Woyane are those who do not understand the Woyane DNA, nature and character.  Remember the saying in Amharic “Woyanen, mamen kebro newe” [only dead Woyanes can be trusted].

If we are waiting for Woyane to change, we are wasting our time. Those who fought with the Woyanes would remember their battlefield tactic of “Koreta”. I am sick and tired of hearing the rhetoric of illusive idea of negotiation with our rulers! Some of you might respond to me, “Let old wounds be healed and let us forgive and forget the past”, but that only works if the Woyane seek real peace with us.

My friends, you can see that there are new constant wounds added every day and no time to heal!  We can let go past painful memories and make room for the present and the future but take a good look at the ethnic cleansing still going on in Oromia.  Do we want to follow the biblical lesson of forgive and forget? We can forgive and forget only if the other side accepts its guilt and feels remorse.  But they feel no shame or remorse for their crimes. The time has not yet arrived for forgiving or forgetting! First come our children’s lives, then we can attempt forgiveness!

There is a saying in Afan Oromo “gufuun dhagaa yoo ganama manaa baatu yoo si rukuttee, galgala ammoo, yoo deebitu yoo si rukutte, situu dhagaa  dha! [” If you hit a stone at your door step in the morning and you hit the same stone in the evening, then you are a stone.]

In the Bible, Jeremiah, 13:23, reads “can an Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard its spot? Neither can you do good, who are accustomed to do evil”.


We should enter into negotiation knowing our strengths and the weakness of the Woyane.

The Oromos are more united and stronger today than before the “Oromo Revolution”. Despite immense suffering, we bear the pain and we will not surrender. The struggle will continue. There is a great mystery in reality, the one in which we are strong when we are weak. In spite of our sufferings, we are strong in our patriotism, solidarity and resilience among us is even stronger today than at any time in the past.

Look, from what is going on in Oromia today, I see it as proof that we have never been more energized and united in our desire to take Oromia in a new direction. We will never go back to slavery! The Qeerroo movement will convey a powerful history that will inspire all of us to build a better Oromia.  There is a better tomorrow for us! QEERROO KEEP OUR HOPE AND ASPIRATION HIGH!

As for the weaknesses of the Woyane, they control the arms and finances of the central government, but they cannot function on their own. They require outside assistance. They require donor aid and funding. In return, they have promised their donors that there will be stability in the Horn of Africa, but how can they keep that promise if the country remains in turmoil?

Donor governments and investors fear and loathe governments who murder their citizens, especially women and children, so in an era of mass communication, this becomes a handicap. Those donors hate the use of torture as a tactic of governance and they are beginning to realize that the Woyane are monsters of torture. We should understand and use this weakness.

When we look back into Oromo history and find that we were so often cheated, we must again ask ourselves, why do we bother to enter into negotiation? There are no easy answers and the issues are many, but here are the traps:

First, many do not know or understand the history of political peace negotiation with Habesha rulers and have fallen into the trap of wishful thinking. We want peace with freedom. So often we do not understand what they are up to. We do not understand how certain events could have resulted from negotiation. It is only from remembering terrible results of the past that we start to understand how mediation might work against us at this point in time.

Second, we had, and we still have, Oromo leaders who are opportunists.  They are placed into positions of responsibility by our rulers and do not work for our benefit. They enter into negotiation with their own selfish ambitions and are bought off by the TPLF with the stick of intimidation and the carrot of easy money. Individuals and collaborators exchange Oromuma for glory and high rank and serve their slave masters as an instrument of our suppression. In many cases our self-inflicted problems and wounds hurt us more than attacks from our enemies.

Then there are those past Oromiiya leaders,  weak minded presidents with a slave mentality who never cared about the pain and suffering of their people. They live their lives in the shadow of fear and gabrumaa. They were given authority without power, never saying no to anything Habesha demanded of them, but always ready to carry out any and all orders from Habesha rulers.

What Do 0ur Rulers Want? Everything.!

It seems obvious. They murder us for any reason, or for no reason at all.  So that’s how we can know that our rulers want us dead.

But they have their little problem. If our leaders kill too many of us, too violently, and without an excuse, they run the risk that foreign funds will slow. So, they play their game of negotiate and charm with us, to keep us as quiet as possible while they steal our lands and slaughter our people.

We have a foolish hope that we can deal with them as equals. We tried for more than a century but, we are Oromo and we will never be permitted to achieve equality and respect. We can easily see that terror regime is killing our people and hundreds are going to prison daily. Thousands are disappearing and dying of hunger and more than one million are displaced in Eastern Oromia region alone.

To which I shout out loud, there can be no compromise to our freedom! Freedom is not for negotiation. In the first place, how can you negotiate with those who do not even accept your Oromo values? Oromia is always in crisis, and today there is more serious suffering, more racial hatred than ever. It is a period of unparalleled land-grabbing, displacement, death, terror and a period of sheer cruelty manifested against the Oromo people. We gave them our land, culture, adopted their language, even our identity as Oromos.

They took away everything they wanted, and they did everything in their power to destroy us as a nation. Nothing else- no matter what you have done, no matter what you will do, no matter what you have left undone, nothing at all will satisfy them. They will leave no stone unturned until they destroy Oromumma. Mark it well that no matter how much we give or acquiesce to their demands, they will never be satisfied and we will never achieve peace.

That is exactly what Woyane and Habesha regime wants. They will not negotiate because they do not seek change. They want all of our land.  Millions of us were forced from ancestral lands and TPLF horded our wealth by selling our lands and living in self-indulgency as we lay dying. They have killed thousands and imprisoned hundreds of thousands of Oromos and the blood of those killed are still crying against them.

Make no mistake, even if we are really trying to meet all their demands, there will not ever be enough left over for us to live on. Obeying and accepting their terms will not help us at all.  Every time they cheated us, we surrendered and were thrown into prison or killed. You know what they say proudly, “Enethen Galloch, seranlachew”! Hurray! We did it”!

Can We Go For Negotiation?

Let me ask you another question: Do we have a choice to negotiate or not?

Negotiation is an old tactic often used by the Ethiopian ruling classes. It is a tactic they use to reduce chaos as they destroy their enemies.

For more than a century, we were cheated so much that we continue to ask ourselves if we can get into any negotiation at all. The answer is yes, we can engage into negotiation, but we need to be very conscious that negotiation past and present is a scam.  That is why I say, “Negotiation is politically correct lunacy”. There is always the devil in the details, which is largely unknown, if you want to engage in negotiation, be aware and vigilant. We ought to take heed of making foolish agreements. In our negotiations with the Habesha leaders, think trice not twice. It may be necessary to enter into negotiation, but never pin our whole faith in any of their leaders!

Negotiation is like a double-edged sword. If you handle it improperly, it will cut you. It is not something to be handled carelessly and like being cut by a razor blade, we won’t even know we are bleeding until you have a mess on your hand. But we need to show foreigners that we are a strong stable nation and that they need us to keep stability in the Horn. Do foreigners even know that Oromo culture embraces democracy and has a long history of peaceful sharing of power?

Notice in all of my examples in the index, not only did negotiations fail but the participants were punished. They all met the same fate, and they pronounced their own death warrant. Make no mistake, they do not want to share political power with us. Habesha prefer to keep killing us. But, they need secrecy or their foreign funds will stop. If we negotiate at all, those talks need to take place in an open venue, in another country.

Where there is no liberty, freedom, equality and justice, negotiation or any agreement has no meaning at all. The TPLF has been intoxicated with greed, corruption, ethnic hatred, cruelty, deception, lies, just name it. They will never negotiate truthfully, even on basic human rights issues with us.

We want no evolution but transformation, no cosmetic changes, no time buying change, we want real change, we want freedom, justice and equality not for Oromos only but all Ethiopians.

Remember that you are trying to negotiate peace in an honest manner but from past experience and observation, it is impossible to even sit and discuss anything in honesty, fairness and truth with our rulers. There is a saying “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”


Finally let me ask one direct question and give advice to those who want to negotiate with the Habesha rulers. What for do you negotiate with them? To get back our confiscated lands? and to achieve justice, freedom, equality? Do we not demand our own original Oromo borders?

That land did not belong to them, they robbed our land from us. Can anyone negotiate with thieves? Can anyone really expect democracy or justice from the most brutal totalitarian regime in the 21st century? Be honest in your thoughts and do not be fooled or waste your time and energy on hopes and wishes. I bet the Woyanes will not give an inch back to you! The Oromo problem will not be solved by negotiation nor by peaceful demonstrations.

We need to negotiate with Woyane because foreigners expect that we negotiate. That is why Woyane negotiate. The foreign donors expect it. Woyane will put on a good show for foreigners, as we also must. And we must also be cynical as Woyane!  Let us take once more the biblical view “Be innocent as a dove and shrewd as of a serpent”. We must understand that negotiations will never slow their appetite for the blood of our children, it only increases it for more land-grabbing robbery and wanton killings of our innocent people.

We walk through Oromo history, our life experience suggests that it will never be possible for the Oromos to negotiate and live in peace under the colonial rule. They will not give up their privilege unless they are forcefully persuaded. The TPLF is full of lies and deception and will never drop their desire to rule, control and expand their rule over all Oromia.

In the history of human struggle, the ruling class rarely gives in. It is usually when you produce power equal to theirs that they start thinking and talking. We have tried everything else and the only thing left to do is to match the power of the oppressor. It is the violence of our rulers that keeps them in power and to match that power you must also use the same method.

Lastly, I do not want to be cynical but as saying goes “history repeats itself” The danger now to Oromo struggle is more from internal division, OPDO Afan Oromo speaking Tigreans, than from external enemies. We should be aware of those modern Gobanas, Habte Giorgies and the likes.

Index – Fake Negotiations From Our Past

Walking through Oromo history there are many cases that teach us why we should not negotiate with Habesha rulers, but I will only mention a dozen of them.

To learn how the Habesha rulers cheated and fooled the Oromos, let us travel to late 1870s from Atse Yohannes IV and work our ways through the event that lead up to the short lived OLF’s partnership with TPLF.

Atse Yohannes IV and Kube of Rayaa Azeboo                                                                                          

After conquering Wollo, Yohannes forced Oromo Muslims to accept Christianity or be killed. Wollo was conquered and more than 40,000 Oromos died at the Battle of Boru- Medaa.   Kube, the Rayaa Azeboo ruler, was converted to Christianity with Yohannes becoming godfather. Kubee revolted against Yohannes but surrendered without fight and after peace negotiation and reconciliation. Once he surrendered and gave himself up, the retaliation started. You won`t believe what happened next. Yohanes changed his mind. He decided to kill Kobe. All of his fighting force of 2,000 men were lined up in a narrow passage and were mercilessly beheaded one-by-one while Yohannes watched the execution with pride. Kubee was beheaded and his head was carried around as a victory trophy.

Here is a poem of Yohannes’ cruelty:-

“Atmenew Tigren bemil begezete
Kiristina ansitew Kuben gedelut
Yabelutal enge yatetutal enge
Endet yigedelal lehonulet lije”

A short translation; never trust the Tigreans even if under oath.

Workit, Ruler of Wollo, betrayed by Menelik      

Workit, the Wollo Oromo ruler played a prominent role in helping Menelik to escape from Mekdela prison. Workit and Gobena Dache helped Menelik to fight and defeated Bezabih who was then ruler of Showa. Menelik then took control of Showa and became king.

Despite her great contribution in helping Menelik gain back his Showa kingdom and establishment of empire building, Workit was betrayed, arrested and finally, her kingdom given to Ras Ali, the father of Lij Eyassu.

Gobena Dache, poisoned

Even Gobana Dache, who played a major role in the conquest of Oromia was at last poisoned to his death. Gobena was given a sub-kingship as a ruler with Menelik. Without Gobena, it was unlikely that Menelik would have conquered Oromia and become king of Ethiopia.

Despite the central role Oromos have played in shaping present Ethiopia, Oromo history has been neglected, ignored, twisted and even actively suppressed.

Gobena, because of his role in the conquest of Oromia is greatly respected in Habeshas circles, while because of his selfish ambition and vain glory, the Oromos recognize him as a traitor.

The genocide at Anolee

A clear example how negotiation is used by Habesha is the Anolee Genocide.

After his victory in Arsi, one of Menelik’s warlords, Ras Darge, invited the Arseans for peace talk and reconciliation at a place called Anolee. Darge marched the people into a narrow passage and mutilated the men’s right arms and women’s right breast by chopping them off one- by-one. Thousands of men and women were mutilated. The most heinous and cruelest crime recorded in Oromo history were committed by Menelik.

Menelik engaged in ethnic cleansing of Oromia and all other nationalities in the South. In the face of such a horrific tragedy, instead of taking full responsibility and accepting remorse, the Habesha rulers deny the massacre in Anolee and justifiy it without shame or regret. In the event of such horrific tragedy, even the pop star singer Teddy Afro, in his glorification of Menelik commented that, the war of conquest of Oromia was a “holy war of unity” (jihad war)

There are many such examples where mediation or reconciliation (erke, deredir or shimgelina) does not serve at all. It only prolonged our sufferings and enslavement.

Lij Iyasu and Ras Ali

Ras Ali of Wollo, also known as Negus Michael, the father of Iyasu, was one of those Oromos who played a prominent role in keeping Ethiopia united during Atse Yohannes’ and Menelik’s era. After Menelik’s death Iyasu was on line to be the next king but he was falsely charged with secretly being a Muslim and therefore not fit to become king. Ali marched to Showa with a large Wollo Oromo army to fight Haile Selassie who was then the crown prince.

Before the war began, Haile Selassie sent his wise man Fitawerari Habte Georges [Dinagde Quse] a skilled master of Habesha intrigue to discuss a peace treaty with Ras Ali. While negotiations were [taking place, Haile Selassie was secretly receiving more arms and getting ready for war. The Showans had no knowledge of the surprise advance of the Wollo army and were taken by surprise.

The Wollo army had a devastating defeat at the Battle of Sagalee. Lij Iyassu was captured and deported to Gara- Mulata, Hararge.  The battle of Sagalee was not only a catastrophic defeat to Ras Ali but was also the end of the Wara-Himenu and Yeju Oromo dynasty as rulers. We should also remember that the battle of Sagale changed the course of Ethiopian history as it was the launching platform for Haile Selassie to rise to power as Emperor of Ethiopia.

The Poisoning of Abebbee Tuffa

Abebbee was one of the powerful Oromo leaders who ruled over seven Sheger balabat regions.  Despite his heroic fight against Italy in Matchow, he remains an unsung hero receiving little or no recognition because of his dispute with Haile Selassie over Lij Iyasu. Abebbe supported Iyasu to succeed Menelik as a king. Habte Giorgis, the brain child of Habesha palace intrigue, played a big role in the reconciliation of Abebee with the king. After reconciliations with the Emperor, he was tricked, promoted to a rank of Fitwarari and made Governor of Arsi. But soon after he was killed by food poisoning, a commeon practice back then to eliminate enemies and opposition to kings.

Dj. Balcha Aba Nefso [Balcha Shafo] 

He was a governor of Sidamo Province. Like Abeebee, he supported Iyasu as king and had dispute with Haile Silasse. He brought with him several thousands of soldiers up to Akaki Beseka. He took small unit of his soilder and went to the palace for negotiation. During the negotiation period his soldiers were sabotaged and dismissed. Balcha was on house arrest in Finfinne until his death.      

The Bale Oromo Revolts

One quick example of how mediation was used as a trap was the Bale Oromo revolts. The Bale people who suffered under feudal rules had many armed revolts and uprisings during Haile Selassie’s rule.  Small groups of freedom fighters like General Wako Gutu often fought against Ethiopian Government forces and the gun owning Neftegna land owners. All of the revolts were ended with dubious peace treaties and reconciliations. However, once the rebels surrendered, retaliations took place. Those who had risen up in rebellion, were expelled from their land or killed

Many Oromos were lied to and deceived. They fell into the trap of the clever scam of mediation. After the peace treaty and surrender, people were falsely accused, tried and thrown into prison or killed outright.

Gen.Tadesse Birru and the Orthodox Church

Even the legendary Gen. Tadesse Birru, who earned admiration and respects for being a hero for Oromo cause, was cheated by the tactic of negotiation. Gen. Tadesse was the champion of the Literacy Campaign, one founding father and active supporter of Matcha Tulama and a bold fighter for the Oromo cause.

Often, when the Ethiopian leaders plotted fake mediation with the Oromos, they would use popular Oromo leaders.  In the case of Gen. Tadesse, the scam was to use pressure from the Church. The Orthodox Church is historically in holy alliance with the government and worked in tandem to rule over Oromia.

After the failed coup d’état attempt and the accusation of treason, the General fled to Meta Robi.  Two religious leaders, Abune Tewoflos and Aba Habte Mariam (presently Abune Melketsedik of California) followed him for arbitration and mediation.

They gave him assurance that no criminal charges will be made against him by the emperor. Tadesse from his strong religious beliefs and faith obeyed the two religious leaders and followed them back to Finfinne to ask the king for an apology because they were able to change his mind with false promises.

As usual, mediation is a ploy, with double standards and betrayal. The criminal charges were loaded against the General and he was thrown into prison. Well, the rest is history.

Many Oromo leaders were lied to and deceived in a similar manner after entering into mediation with the Abyssinians. There were many prominent Oromo balabats and high-ranking officials who were deceived, and imprisoned or killed, like Abeebee Tufa, Garasu Dhuki, and Abdisa Agaa.

Do we Oromos refuse to learn from past mistakes? The wise learn from the mistakes of others, while fools repeat them.  Remember that those who enter into negotiation signed their own death warrant! The historian, Edo Boru said “worrii harka kenne Harka dhabe.”

Villagization Program                                                                               

After the Land Policy of 1974, the Derg regime embarked on a massive Villagization Program for development of rural inhabitants. The government forcibly moved rural farmers to new locations under its deadly policy of a Villagization scheme.

Tens of millions abandoned their homes and moved to new locations with their cattle. They were promised basic services, roads, electricity, water, health centers etc.  Massive eviction by force was carried under the pretext of better services and improvement of the life style of rural farmers. Instead, they were abandoned in new locations without the promised food and basic services. Many, tens of thousands died of starvation and diseases.

Villagization was a deliberate plan that specifically targeted Oromia for socio-economic and cultural destruction. It was a wicked and deliberate scheme by neftegnas to permanently remove Oromos from their land and destroy them.

Zegebla Conspiracy,

In 1968, TPLF invited a group from the Amhara political party EHEDN to a peace and unity meeting at a place called Zegebla in Tigray.  All the Amhara participants were killed. There is a pome displaying TPLF character “Alnegerqushim woy, baxr/bater tenteltye. Tiger whoshma enge bal ayhonishim bye

Do you want to negotiate with a regime that carries AK- 47 in one hand and a peace treaty with the other? They will stab you in the back!

Article  39

The famous constitution of ethnic federalism and self-determination, Article 39, was immediately scrapped, tossed out and nullified by the TPLF. Everybody knows that Article 39 is an empty and cheap scam which means nothing. Why it is so hard for the Oromos to learn hard lesson from history?

Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)

There is another case in which the lesson of past negotiation was sadly ignored by Oromo leaders and political groups.

We have all witnessed how the short-lived partnership of OLF with the EPRDF ended. While OLF leaders were engaged into peaceful negotiation with the Shabia as an intermediary, TPLF was plotting, surrounding and attacking OLF forces. The ABO army was tricked into voluntarily disarmament. They were put into isolated camps and were systematically eliminated. Having said that, I do not want to pass judgment on those martyrs and fallen heroes who paid a heavy price with their lives in the cause of freedom. I do not want to say how it happened and why it happened into the politically correct lunacy of negotiation, but the fact that 20,000 fighters laid down their arms and surrendered was shocking and mind boggling! How could such a terrible mistake happen? How foolish are we to fall for the same scam again and again? When will we learn lesson from history?

Remember, the saying, “history repeats itself”! If we chose not to learn from history of 1992, we will again suffer the same consequence.

There are numerous examples of failed negotiations and arbitrations in the past as well as the present but these were just the tip of the iceberg to demonstrate how Oromos permitted themselves to be cheated for centuries.

At present “medemer” {to be added} delusion, there is again a new tactical war on the Oromo people, harsher and more dangerous than those of the past.  And today, more than ever, there are some specific Oromo political groups and individuals who like to negotiate with non-Oromo parties who even deny Oromo identity and values. The TPLF, puffed up with their victory, greed, pride, fear and hatred will never treat us with dignity as equals.

In an attempt to buy time to recover from recent financial disruptions and for other strategic and tactical needs, they embark on negotiation while they regroup and reassure their foreign backers that they remain control of Ethiopia and the Horn. But do not expect any honest   negotiations with any Habesha groups or the TPLF. Negotiating from a position weakness, and ignoring our strength will only increase their appetite for more aggression and suppression. It is better people understood that Ethiopian rulers have no desire to negotiate or compromise with Oromos. It is only another scam and we should not fall for it.

Guess what I am afraid of? I am afraid of those specific Oromo groups at home who were handpicked by Woyane regime or opposition political factions abroad who are trying to make negotiation engagement with Woyane. There are also some self-appointed Oromo political partie or individuals who directly or indirectly are trying to negotiate at any price, ruining and negating the sacrifices gained by Qeerro. Why are the lessons from history so easily forgotten?

No one should be under the illusion that constructive engagement to promote peace negotiation with Habeshas or Woyane is impossible. We must stop and ask ourselves, why would anyone enter into discussion with the Woyane regime that loots our land, deliberately killing and torturing peaceful unarmed civilians, even as they try to show foreign donors that they can act like civilized peoples.

Why don’t we speak up and tell the foreigners, who want stability, that the path of negotiation with Habesha is the path to more dead Oromo?

If you do not learn from history, you will live and die like – Kube, Gobena, or Iyassu Geresu Dukee. [ Daawood Ibsaa ?]

Here is a poem by the writer Kebede Mikael

“Yalefew siresagne mechewn salawkew”
“Ene meche yihon yemitanekekew”?

Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.

Remember what Nelson Mandela said “Never make deal under defeat. Only free men can negotiate.”Is Oromiya free today?

Freedom is taken, never given!