The people of Ethiopia want democracy, but not the Derg II ! No 2 Military dictatorship again in Ethiopia!!

The people of Ethiopia want democracy, but not the Derg II ! No 2 Military dictatorship again in Ethiopia!!
The commander, David Wolde-Giorgis, stated that “Prime Minister Abay under Article 54 of the Constitution states that the Council should be” abusive and obstructed by the Constitution, and the constitution shall be allowed. ” This is a military dictatorship.


1. As the reader can understand, Article 54 does not say anything about the demolition of the House.

2. Article 54 Any provision of the Constitution shall not be construed as limiting the constitution. Nor does the authority restrict the power of the Prime Minister or any official.

3. The House is dissolved and the Cabinet is deposited under Article 60 by the Government for not more than 6 months. This is done by the President, not by the Prime Minister (Article 60 (2)). The president will do this and the election will happen, as the result will be that the coalition parties will not agree to form a coalition government. In addition, in accordance with Article 60 (1), the House of Representatives (by the Prime Minister or the Minister) can negotiate and make another choice.

4. In accordance with Article 60, if the parliament breaks its pledge or the president breaks, the Prime Minister shall serve as the Leader of the Opposition. Neither the government nor the prime minister can condemn it, even in this period, with a new policy proposal, not even a simple draft law. Even the Supreme Court does not have the authority to hold office without the supervision of the Supreme Court.

5. The idea of ​​parliamentary, constitutional, executive, and governance is a completely legitimate, unjustifiable dictatorship. If the parliament is dispersed, who will take charge of the country? Or is it necessary to administer an edict by the Prime Minister?

6. The Kagnew Battalion It is good that David refuses to use the power of the government to invade Hierusalem. It is understandable that the Derg has acted in such a way that it started with the rule of law, the parliament, the Constitution, the Emperor emancipating, the Derg, the Council of Dictators and the Terrorism.

It is good that David was not willing to try to destroy the same type of dictatorship in two generations. It will never learn unless it’s a death sentence for a person who does not teach, work, and longevity.

Therefore, he must always have to foster such fanatical desires.

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By Tsegaye Ararssa

Photos: Ethiopia PM makes unannounced ‘supervision visits’ to govt offices

Sign of Dictatorship?? Meng Style?

Ethiopian civil servants will henceforth have to be at their best behaviour at all times, as the prime minister Abiy Ahmed embarks on conducting impromptu, unannounced visits of government offices and projects.

(africanews)—-Abiy, who will be making a year in office in April this year, visited the offices of the Attorney General and the Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) on Friday, in a bid to track progress made against agreed plans and timelines.

‘‘As a nation we have spent a considerable amount of time in violence and now is the time to focus on strengthening our mind sets and our economy for the country’s development,’‘ the premier said.

The office of the prime minister added that such surprise supervision visits will be extended to all other government departments.

ይቺን የ/ዶ/ር አብይን ቪዲዬ ለታሪክ ማስታዎሻነት ሼር በማድረግ ከማህደራችሁ አኑራት”
ደህና እደሪ እማማ ኢትዮጵያ”