Ethiopia: Maximize the Benefits of Peace to Steer the System towards an inclusive Democracy!

Ethiopia: Maximize the Benefits of Peace to Steer the System towards an inclusive Democracy!

Transparency, co-responsibility, and mutual respect alone will help us move forward.

I think OPDO /ODP should drop this attitude of belligerence unless it seeks to create an unnecessary discord with OLF.

OLF, on its part, should be committed to its part of the obligations as per the terms of their agreement.

Both the OPDO/ODP-led Government of PM Abiy and OLF (of Dawud Ibsa) should come out together and explain publicly:

A. About the terms of negotiations and the agreement thereof;

B. The details of what they had agreed to do with WBO and its weapons (for e.g., if they had agreed to disarm, demobilize, and/or absorb WBO into the Defense Forces of the Country and how).

C. What the current altercation is about and what it is implying.

This is better done in a joint press conference where both parties will face the media and address the questions from the press directly. A joint statement of resolution (on agreements and/or disagreements) will aid clarity and transparency.

In the meantime, it should be emphasized that the Government takes full responsibility for the peace and security of the people everywhere in the country, including that of the members of OLF, be them civilian or military.

Also, the government should not exploit the current state of confusion to malign OLF (or any political force for that matter) and posture to insinuate, criminalize, or otherwise attack them with a view to forcing them out of the political space.

All parties need to avoid playing with sensitive issues that prematurely lead to unnecessary confrontations. Peace has dividends for everyone in the process at this stage.

Everyone should maximize the benefits of (the relative) peace to work towards democratization.


Tsegaye Ararssa


Raayyaan ittisa biyyaa gara Lixa Oromiyaatti socho’uu eegaleera