Part 2: The life and legacy of General Taaddasaa Biru

Part 2: The life and legacy of General Taaddasaa Biru

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By Tola Jilo, November 12, 2018

Taaddasaa BirruuPretext Tactic to Ban Independent Oromo Organizations: As highlighted in his bio, it seems that General Taaddasaa Biru was loyal to the Empire Haile Silase and unaware of how venomous Habasha was until Akililu Habtewold challenged him with identity issues. Akililu’s views represent a real Abyssinians’ world view, the notion that Abyssinians have innate leadership qualities and viewing Oromo as “inferior/followers”.  The Habasha mentality which aligns with the Great-Man/Trait theory concept – the assumption that certain individuals possess inherited unique leadership characters, and status quo as a natural circumstance. They always used this view as psychological warfare to demoralize their contenders knowing that demoralizing is “killing the moral” of their enemies.

Akililu Habtewold – after he knew identity of General Taaddasaa as Oromo, he became a rival. Then Aklilu used a bombing in Finfine and smeared on the Oromo rebellion in Bale province as a pretext to ban the Maccaa and Tuullamaa association. Therefore, the pretext to ban Oromo movement has began in the 1960s during Haile Silase era. The same tactic has been exercised during 1970s or Derg era to execute General Taaddasaa Biru. Then, in 1991 the same pretext has been applied to ban OLF from the transitional government.  At present Abyssinians and EPRDF are draw-on the same tactic to pretext and ban OLF from peaceful political participation. Therefore, it is clear that for a century they used the same tactics to remove, ban or persecute any independent Oromo political group beginning from an inceptions of Maccaa and Tuullama, OLF/WBO until now.

If the same tactic has been used against Oromo people and OLF time-and-again, what will be expected of the Oromo people and independent Oromo political parties/groups (OLF/OPC) to overcome?

Divide-an- Rule Tactic to Weaken Oromo Movement: Conspiracy Behind the Campaign on Independent Oromo Political Groups: An  emerge of OPDO to the federal power did not happen by accident, but it could have been a strategically designed to save Ethiopia by the Western sympathizers. They knew that Ethiopia was on the merge of breaking  apart unless Oromo hold the federal power. The strategy seems simple. They never bothered about the Oromo question/demand but the focus was how to tranquilize Oromo movement and save Ethiopia. Moving OPDO to the Prime Ministerial position was the only means for serenity at the time. They knew that Ethiopia can only be saved if they find means to slowdown the Oromo movement. Therefore, the support for OPDO to grab the federal power was not by thinking for the thousands of massacred Oromo youth “Qeerroo and Qarree”, but to save Ethiopia.  For sure their tact did work very well. With an emerge of OPDO to the federal power, Oromo movement was tranquilized (without receiving a single answer for the Oromo demands regarding Finfine, Afaan Oromo, and self determination).  The reason for the Oromo movement slowdown was because of the assumption that Oromo demands will be answered as Dr. Abiy settles in office.

Regardless of the amble time given for Dr. Abiy to settle in office and answer the Oromo question/demand, he never mentioned so far any of the Oromo issues.  He rather continued to occupy the federal offices and Finfine town-administration by Habasha; e.g. the recent week Oromo Police Commander removal from Finfine and replacement by Habasha police officer. Besides, OPDO began to campaign on OLF and on Oromo people as alliance of the Abyssinians. This was exactly the reason for bringing OPDO to the federal power, and OPDO leaders simply exercising the task given to them to save Ethiopia from Oromo.

Where is this conspiracy theory coming from?

  • Ethiopia was on the merge of breakdown prior to Dr. Abiy’s coming to power.
  • Oromo was the leader of the revolution that EPRDF unable to stop even with excessive force.
  • The revolution has lead to economic crisis and lawlessness, not only in Ethiopia but also risked the stability in East Africa, which was a concern for the Western.
  • Then Hailemariam, the former Prime Minister was asked to resign.
  • Meanwhile OPDO was advised to make internal shuffle and to prepare Dr. Abiy for Prime Ministerial.
  • Amhara was advised to support OPDO (Oromo) to nominate Dr. Abiy to tranquilize the Oromo people, to make the Oromo people feel that they won the battle and brought Oromo to the power.
  • For sure Dr. Abiy (Oromo, but OPDO) came to power.
  • For sure they tranquilized the Oromo people and slowdown the Oromo movement without answering any of the Oromo demands.

Will the tranquility continue?  Is deceiving Oromo can be solution to save Ethiopia or anyone? The simple answer is NO!!!!! The tranquility has been already over!!!

  • Why did Obbo Lamma support military intervention to disarm OLF? This could be due to the fact that Abyssinians think OLF as a threat or rival for existence of Ethiopia. Therefore, Obbo Lamma is doing is homework.
  • Obbo Lamma never intervened when millions of Oromo people displaced and hundreds has been killed in East Oromia; South and Central Oromia; & West Oromia.
  • The federal militia never sent to intervene the conflict between Amhara and Tigry region that has caused death and displacements. However, when it involve Oromo, it is too serious and dealt with military intervention “to save Ethiopia”. The reason for sending the military to West Oromia was to silence the people on gunpoint, which has been tried and failed in the past.  Anyways they don’t learn from history!

The Outcome of trying to Silence the Oromo People: In history, beginning from the early 1960s, every time the Abyssinians have tried to slowdown the Oromo movement, it rather ignited the revolution and explosion.

  • What will OPDO benefit from collaborating with EPRDF and Abyssinians? OPDO knows that they benefit nothing by collaborating with Abyssinians except the fact that they didn’t like the popularity of OLF.
  • Does OPDO understand the tactics used in the past and at present by Abyssinians? It seems OPDO has no vision and goal for Oromo people. Plus, from an inception of the organization (OPDO), it only did what EPRDF told them to do, and at present their task is to save Ethiopia from Oromo. Obbo Lamma’s hostility toward independent Oromo parties, his silence about Finfine, and his popular speech about his “addiction to Ethiopia” has helped him to develop popularity with Abyssinians, not with Oromo people.
  • What is expected of OLF at this moment? Simply to use this time and to work 24/7 to strategize its establishment in the country, in Finfine, and surrounding Finfine. OLF’s leadership should know that Gorilla fighting strategy has been progressed (transitioned from jungle warfare to cities). OLF should use its people, Qeerroo and Qarree, and its large cities to challenge any form of resistance from EPRDF and Habasha. I would say strategy strategy and strategy…… Bring Qeerroo and Qarree to leadership……
  • In his previous week speech, Obbo Lamma suggested that Oromo youth “Qeerroo/Qarree” shouldn’t have to try to fight against the modernized Ethiopian tank and mortars. But, what O. Lamma forget was that the same Oromo youth “Qeeroo/Qarree” brought-down the EPRD tank and mortar, and helped Obbo Lamma to get respect and confidence. At this critical time, anyone turning his back on Oromo people will be responsible in history.

The honeymoon period for Dr. Abiy seems has come to an end. Protest has began all over Oromia ….demanding OPDO cannot represent the Oromo people.  For a century the old tactic (pretext to ban independent Oromo groups) has been successfully used by Abyssinians to delay/slowdown the Oromo movement. The turnout of OLF flag at Maskel Square, Minnesota USA, Frankfurt Germany, the reception and respect that OLF receives across Oromia is disappointment to Abyssinians and OPDO.  The Oromo nationalist movement that embarked by the likes of General Tadase Biru and his predecessors has reached the point of no turn back. The guiding principle for the contemporary Oromo movement is the vision of the Nationalist Oromo Fathers, those who gave-up their life to shine for the generation to come, for the glimpse of hope we see today. The  vision of General Taaddasaa Biru and his predecessors will prevail!


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  1. Thank you very much for speaking for Oromo people.
    The deception and machiavellian political intrigues of Ethiopianists has no limit. But, I believe that it is no much for the current Oromo heroism and intellectual capacity. Nevertheless, never let your guard down until fundamental Oromo questions are answered, questions that are yet to start to be tackled.

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