Ibsa Ajajaa Ol’aanaa ABO-WBO irraa kenname.
KMN:- Fulbaana 20/2021

Kuni injiffaannoo WBOn galmeessaa jirudhaa guyyumma guyyattii injiffaannoo boonsaa ta’an galmeessaa jira guffuwwaan qabsoo oromoo ta’an kanneen akka golichaa Dheengee of keessaa ergaa buqqassee booda waantti WBO galmaa isaa ga’uu irraa of dubba deebbisuu gonkumaa hin jiruu WBOn gachaana Sabaatti

Dhaloota Qubee

Jaal Goollicha Kan hanga har’aatif galatoomaa. kan dhufuuf dhaloonni kun hubataadha.


  1. “Qabsoon Sabaa Baabura!”

    Faaxee Anniyyaa!

    A national liberation war is a long and bitter journey! When some get off of it, some will come on board like the proverbial train our wonderful Artist represented the struggle with!

    To those of you UNFAMILIAR with the circumstances of PROMINENT OROMO POLITICAL exiles in Kenya, those of us privy to it pretty much have postulated one of two things to occur, when we found out that Goollicha was in Nairobi.

    These two scenarios were,

    a) Meet the fate of Dabbassaa Guyyoo, our SAGE AND HERO, by refusing
    to follow the ‘advise and counsel’ of local Kenyan Official ‘hosts,’
    as a former Oromo Liberation Army Commander well known by the State’s
    Security Services,


    b) Follow their ‘advise and counsel’ and do what is BEST for him, given his
    circumstances in exile, in a country which values its friendship with

    The man wanted to live! He chose option b. End of Story! The Ormo struggle for freedom has gone past the one to one iteration rule for self-sustenance a long time ago! For every one who FALTERS AND FAILS OR fights and falls, there are THOUSANDS READY TO JOIN THE RANKS! AS Oromo nationalists, we wish Obo Goollicha good life in Finfinne! He will have PLENTY of ABLE guides and counselors to show him around his new surroundings, beginning with Taye Danda AND Kemal Galchu! He looks nice in his Gucci hat already! He is well on his way to fulfilling his new plans!

  2. Loved the comment above!

    There was a saying I used to hear from my grandpa every time he was having a hard time bargaining with someone:

    Dhirri gatii hin dhaabuu,
    Goot’ni baasii hin qaabuu!

    Roughly translated:
    “Every man has a price,”
    “[Only]a Hero has no monetary value!”

    Obo Goollicha decided to live as a man, so he bargained with the Ethiopian State for a life in Finfinne. That is his right! He will only become a problem for Oromo nationalists if he becomes a soldier in a PP platoon and begins fighting against our OLA sons & daughters. I doubt it that will happen; because Taye Danda WILL NEVER TRUST GOOLLICHA WITH A GUN EVER AGAIN! Besides, he will have plenty to keep him busy in the company of Dima Nogo, Lencho leta, and the likes around Abiy’s palace. Wishing him all the best for his past service to our nation!

    A LUTA CONTINUA! ‘The Struggle Continues!’

  3. Oh well,
    I was gone on a rare work trip after an 18 month hiatus because of Covid, and ‘hell’ breaks loose! But, you Amigos have been holding down the fort! LOL

    No, ‘all is well that ends well’ like the English say! I have nothing more to say about this story than has already been said!

    I tell you what though: I will double my contributions to our OLA beginning next month! I can do that; but unfortunately, as much as I would LOVE to, I can not go join the ranks and bear arms because of medical reasons!

  4. Oh man,
    Irkoo please say your medical condition is not serious! I have truly grown fond of you; because of your intellect which shines through your comments! Sickness ought to be the domain of those of us who are old and frail! I am assuming you are way younger than me from what I have ‘learned’ about you, here on Kichuu & Ayyaantuu’s pages!

    Know that my Prayers are with you!

  5. Aba Solan,
    Before I turn in for the day, two things:

    1) You are really kind! Thank you for the note you left me here online! Nothing to worry about my health: I have disabilities which makes me unproductive as a front line soldier, that is all!

    2)I saw your exchanges with our favorite writer Mr Gagale, and it reminded me of the TPLF activist who insulted both you and Ibrahim and learned some hard lessons not to mess with Cushitic brains, hopefully! LOL

    I have enjoyed crawling Kichuu’s & Ayyaantuu’s pages since you and people such as Ibrahim & Yoni started posting articles as well as comments consistently. May that continue!

    Now, onward to Victory with our Oromo Liberation Army!

  6. Irkoo,
    Thanks for the clarification! I was worried too! I loved your comment about Goolicha’s interview with BBC Afan Oromo!

    It is also nice to see Ibrahim’s thought regarding this issue! I have moved on from the man’s shenanigans already!

  7. Yoni,

    I REALLY love the kind of civility and care for others I have found here on these pages! Thank you for caring about me and leaving me the message above!

    Also, just in case someone is wondering about my comment on the BBC Afan Oromo interview with Goolichaa, which you are referring to above, here it is…

    ” I usually listen to BBC Afan Oromo when I can, and I tuned in today
    (Sep 21, 21) and heard Obo Goolicha’s interview. The man is talking blue streak, I could hardly follow his points because of all the spray!

    He reminded me of the famous Charlie Brown retort of the American Children’s Comic Series the “Peanuts”: ” Good grief Charlie Brown!” Either he is already feeling a buyers remorse, or something is TRULY wrong with the ‘man’! I wish him well! ”

    See you all on Kichuu & Ayyaantuu’s Pages soon!

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