Oduu Gammachiisaa: Barsiisaa Kabbadaa Camadaa hayyuufi kutataan goonni mirga saba Oromooffalmu dararaa mana hidhaa

Oduu_Gammachiisaa: Barsiisaa Kabbadaa Camadaa hayyuufi kutataan goonni mirga saba Oromooffalmu dararaa mana hidhaa wayyaanee Maa’kalawwiifi Qilinxoo waggaa lamaafi walakkaa olii booda guyyaa har’a gadhifamuun saba isaatti makameera. Barsiisaa Kabbadee Camadaa gootota ilmaan Oromoo Calliyaa bara umrii wayyaanee guutuu diinaan falmaa gochaa turaniifi miseensa ol aanaa KFO ti. Miltoo isaanii bira sababaa gubachuu mana hidhaa Qilinxoo keessa harka qabda jedhamuun kophatti shira diinaan hambifamanii hiraarfamaafi yeroo garaagaraattis haala hammataa isaan irra gaheen dhukkubsacha kan turan barsiisaa Kabbadee Camadaa guyyaa har’a hiikkamaniru. Maatiifi uummatni Oromoo baga gammaddan baga gammanne. Ilmaan isaa Hidhamtota siyaasaa Oromoo hiiksifachuufi qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo galiin gahuuf ammas uummatni Oromoofi Qeerroo Bilisummaa qabsoo isaa daran jabeessuun waan hundaa caalaa murteessaadha!!

It is great to hear that Dr. Fikre Maru, Agbaw Setegn and other political prisoners have been freed. Dr. Fikre’s daughter, Emy, needs to be commended for her relentless advocacy on behalf of her dad, who is a renowned cardiologist. She shed her tears and fought tooth and nail.
He came all the way from Sweden to help his people but faced politically motivated persecution for a number years. This injustice must end once and for all.
Abebe Gellaw

Ethiopian-born Swedish doctor freed after charges dropped

Jan M. Olsen | AP

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — (washingtonpost)—A Swedish doctor who had been imprisoned in his native Ethiopia on charges of corruption and terrorism has been freed.

Fikru Maru told Swedish broadcaster SVT on Tuesday that “it’s great to be out in the fresh air.” State-owned media last week reported that Ethiopia had dropped the charges.

“I will come home to Sweden, I promise. I don’t know exactly when it will be,” he told SVT by telephone. The broadcaster said he was on his way to the Swedish Embassy in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

Sweden’s Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom welcomed the release, saying the ministry had been working on the case “intensively for several years.”

Fikru was arrested in 2013 after a years-long dispute over equipment for his cardiology clinic in Addis Ababa. The terrorism charge came years later when he and others were accused of starting a deadly fire in the prison where they were held.

Ethiopia has released several thousand inmates, including prominent opposition figures and journalists, since former Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn promised in January to free members of political parties after more than a year of anti-government protests.

The East African nation is the continent’s second most populous country and a key security ally of the West but often has been accused by rights groups and activists of having a heavy-handed approach to dissent.

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