Oromo Youth Leadership Conference (OYLC):-This summer, during OSFNA

Oromo Youth Leadership Conference (OYLC):-This summer, during OSFNA  Week in Minnesota, Oromo youth from all over the world, united by their common roots will come together for the Oromo Youth Leadership Conference (OYLC).

The OYLC will be a forum for young Oromos to discuss and share their ideas on different aspects of Oromo society. It will be an opportunity for youth to reconnect to their heritage and to find ways to participate more in their respective Oromos communities.
The youth have been working tirelessly to organize the conference but we need the support of our community in order to make our plans a success. Please donate!


If you are a young Oromo who wants to attend this conference, a registration form link will be posted soon.

International-Oromo Youth-Association

OYLC is an international effort, involving Oromo youth from more than 20 countries, focused on research, advocacy, culture, identity and more in both the diaspora and Oromiya. Formed in 2006, OYLC’s aim was to network with Oromo youth born and/ or raised in the West and the youth back home; to enable collaboration and to involve this group in outreach focused towards other young people. To help continue fulfilling this mandate, the International Oromo Youth Association (IOYA) has developed a concept to revitalise both IOYA and OYLC. Join us on August 1-3 2017 in Minnesota USA to bring together youth from a diverse set of talent and ideologies to discuss the issues affecting the diaspora and the Oromo plight, their effects on a global scale and ways of addressing these issues! Click here to learn more http://goo.gl/gu19Cv