Oromo region on fire and DRONES

Oromo region on fire and DRONES

News August 27: TDF Afar Ethiopia-Djibouti Road – Debretsion Gebremichael UN -AU Tigray

TDF pushes towards Dessie


  1. The Drones: the Amahra elite Media entities have already given it a name: they call it “Neche Amora,” or the “White bird,” which is a ‘G*D send,’ a power that will destroy the TDF, and save their Amhara owned Ethiopia for them!

    Doesn’t the representation of the colour of their “Saviour” bird tell you something about what these disgraceful Amhara elites believe in? Yes it does!

    On the other hand you have the Oromos, whose Theological or Symbolical representation of G*D itself is in the colour black! Yes, the Oromos say “Waqaa Gurracha,” NOT “Waqaa Dhiillee,” OR “Waqaa Adii” i.e, not ‘Brown G*D,’ or ‘White G*D’!

    Such is the dichotomy between the elitist Amhara belief and a TRULY African People’s Worldview! No wonder the English MADE IT a Policy of the Colonial Office in the 1930s, to see to it that the Oromo were DIVIDED AND WEAKENED all over East Africa at all costs! Unfortunately, our people are still paying an untold price for this crime committed against them!

    The Oromo Liberation Army is an ANTIDOTE to that RACIST policy adopted by the Ethiopian elitist Amhara class, long ago, against our people!

  2. Yes sir!
    One of the most eloquent and potent short comments I have read on Kichuu’s pages so far! There is an unmistakable message & a REMINDER for ALL Oromos in your observation! This message is more powerful than ALL the Drones in the world, if and when Oromos begin to REALIZE it clearly!

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