Oromo Politicians on Hunger Strike! Urgent with Imminent and Dangerous Consequences!

Urgent with Imminent and Dangerous Consequences! Oromo Politicians on Hunger Strike!

Urgent Call for Oromo Nation to Unanimously Demand For Unconditional Releases of the Oromo Politicians on Hunger Strike!
February 07, 2021 (By Denboba Natie)
Today, February 07, 2021 is the eleventh day since the Oromo’s prominent and highly regarded by the Oromo nation and the other federalists forces in Ethiopia – the OFC’s and OLF’s political prisoners including Obbo Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba, Hamza Borana, Shamsudin Taha, Colonel Gemechu Ayyna, Jaal Kenessa Ayyana, Obbo Dejene Tafa and dozens of others have started hunger strike. Some of their core demands are: their rights to family visits to be respected, those arrested whilst visiting them to be unconditionally released, Colonel Gemechu Ayyana who is currently arrested with thieves and murders in different and dangerous jail to be brought to the prisons where the other politicians are arrested and all pressure government is exerting on various political parties in Ethiopia to be stopped.
They started the hunger campaign on the 27th of January 2021 and they are determined to push with their hunger strike until their demands are met and political spaces are opened up in the Empire. With their suffering and possible death, they are telling their principles live forever.
The Ethiopia’s human rights Commission Commissioner Dr Daniel Bekele (whose brother in law ‘Netsanet Belay’, is a Research and Advocacy Director of AI); who is also pro-PM colonel Abiy Ahmed’s regime has visited the indicated Oromo prisoners (who were arbitrarily incarcerated following Hacaalu Hundessa’s government masterminded assassination on June 29, 2020). Following his visits, (although pro-regime), Dr Bekele has advised the government that, the condition of the Oromo prisoners is ‘Critical’ needing urgent action.
The visit of colonel Abiy’s human rights commissioner has taken place on the 5th of February 2021. Therefore, it was over 48 hours ago for whose recommendations his own regime paid deaf ears. Colonel Abiy’s regime is instead obsessed with its preparation for the upcoming illegal election in addition to continuing with his war on Tigray, Benshangul and Oromia that is attracting international condemnation- as it has already caused dire humanitarian crisis in Tigray.
We want to reiterate that, all Oromo politicians are not ordinary and self-centred individuals who wish to benefit from foul political play unlike their accusers. Rather, they all have devoted their entire lives for the national causes of the Oromo and the other subjugated nations. They are still on a hunger strike and determined to die for the cause they all have strongly believed and fought for.
Thus, we can imagine what these politicians may be physically, physiologically and mentally experiencing under the current unsettling climate.
We would like to remind gallant Oromo nation that, the bodies of the Oromo prisoners on hunger strike can give up any time from now onward. We do not have guarantees that we may see them in life unless we take urgent and unconditional action now. We reiterate that, they can’t survive unless we force the regime to answer their demands and unconditionally release them today. Their condition is dangerous needing urgent and unconditional actions of the Oromo, the Sidama and the rest of federalist nations and peoples in Ethiopia.
We cannot afford silence at this acutely distressing time for our noble sons! We must emphasise their suffering for the sake of our freedom and equality.We would like to remind all peoples in Ethiopia, once again that, these politicians were targeted by the unionist forces including the PM and his Neftegna advisers for carrying the banner of the subjugated mass all yearning for freedom, equality, justice, fairness and rights to self-determination in Ethiopia. Nothing more, nothing less! Those who oppose to these fundamental quests of various nations and nationalities in Ethiopia would like them rather eliminated in one way or another. These plotters include unionist PM colonel Abiy Ahmed and his unitary cliques hiding in the Palace and navigating the empire to unknown horizon. These all want the Oromo’s noble sons and federalists forces advocates’ to be removed from the face of earth.
Moreover, let us not forget that this very regime and his unionist advisers have attempted to assassinate Jawar Mohammed on October 23, 2019 although their plots failed due to sheer bravery of his Oromo body guards currently incarcerated in various prison cells with Jawar and the rest of Oromo prisoners.
Therefore, unless a full scale revolution is declared in Ethiopia that is led by gallant Oromo nation and supported by all federalist forces; the current regime and his diehard unionist advisers are less likely to allow the release of the Oromo politicians on hunger strike. Therefore, the ball is in the hand of the Oromo nation and in the hands of those who aspire to for common good of all the imprisoned mass in the God-forsaken Empire.
Therefore, the Oromo nation and the rest of federalist forces in Ethiopia, including Sidama, Wolayta, Afar, Hadya, Gedeo, Silte, Kambata, Agaw, Kemant, Ogadenia, Gambella, Benshangul and the rest of the political south must in unison – urgently act before it is too late. All nations of the empire must come out and demand the regime to unconditionally release them. The time must be today as tomorrow will be too late. Any movement in Oromia must be unconditionally supported by all federalist forces whose banner the Oromo prisoners are shouldering until the end of their precious lives. Silence, at this critical juncture in Oromo nation’s life will be equivalent to agreeing with their suffering and collaborating with the regime waging war on its citizens using foreign army.
Finally, we urge the regime to unconditionally release all Oromo, Sidama and the rest of political prisoners in Ethiopia and unconditionally Stop War in Tigray, Oromia and Benshangul Gumuz thereby allowing unrestricted humanitarian access to War-torn Tigray national State! We also urge the regime to unconditionally remove all foreign (Eritrean) army and security agents from Tigray. In the end, we reiterate once again that, the entire federalist forces have got obligation in forcing the illegal and dictatorial colonel Abiy’s regime to immediately release all Oromo political prisoners on Hunger strike in particular!
Urgent with Imminent and Dangerous Consequences!
February 07, 2021
By Denboba Natie, Edinburgh, Scotland


  1. from 27th of January 2021 , hunger strike !!

    very brutal govt possibly by coldblooded murderers who seek power at the expense of innocent lives and any political rival . They must be punished .

    For daniel kibret it is a sacrifice made to his ego as self-divinized being .

  2. from 27th of January 2021 , hunger strike !! very brutal govt possibly by coldblooded murderers who seek power at the expense terminating innocent lives and removal of any potential political rival . They must be punished . For daniel kibret it is a sacrifice made to his ego as self-divinized being

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