Oromo-Phobic Can’t Halt the Inevitable Oromo Journey

Oromo-Phobic Can’t Halt the Inevitable Oromo Journey

By Worku Burayu (PhD), September 26, 2018

These are Oromo-phobia mongers (fear-mongers) and machinery behind Gimbot 7. The team duels with hate propaganda from Washington, DC.

I was laughing last night while I was watching the video clips aired by The Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT). I don’t really know why I was laughing. Is that because we laugh to ourselves though less than we talk to ourselves? Or because laugh is a cheap remedy? The TV’s associates tried to give an analysis and wanted to simplify even whether there is Oromo-phobia in order to convince us that they are not Oromo-phobic. When you explain why you aren’t something, odds are you’re exactly that. It’s called denial, denial expressed through anger; two of the phases of hopelessness. It is the normal process to follow such stages of pain and trying to ignore the real issue. Now you are continuing to bargain, soon to be followed by depression and acceptance. Until you are done with all the stages and finally accept an inevitable end, it is habitually “true” to do everything possible to hinder the process.

The author of this article recognizes the good personal qualities of some of the analysts. However, having good qualities of individuals doesn’t make someone any less dangerous and it doesn’t make chauvinistic any less racist. Externally, those persons may laugh and smile so much, imitating as they are happy, even though nothing special is happening. Deep inside, on the other hand, they’re wrecked, so malfunctioning that sometimes they can’t feel anything good but only being sensitive, extremist, and hate seeder. Such kind of individuals usually don’t like seeing others doing independently better than them.

One key to identifying their Oromo-phobic circumstance is that their fear is extreme and unnecessary. Most people who fear ethnic federalism in Ethiopia would not avoid discussing the situation with Oromo; a person with Oromo-phobia would, however. It is the avoidance and fear of the Oromo that led them to Oromo-phobic. Sadly, Oromo-phobic individuals, instead of bettering themselves, they try to tear Oromo down. That is what we have seen in the present situation. They denied and tell us they aren’t Oromo-phobic. We have seen them, however, trapped in Oromo-phobic syndrome.

Here is why we are saying and writing about Oromo-phobia. Eight years ago, back in 2010, following the establishment of ESAT, the now Gimbot-7 chairman and the monarch of ESAT TV told the world that what drove him into politics was the “fear of the Oromo,” especially the fear of those intellectual Oromo whom he had met in prison during his temporary detention in the 2005. What is “fear of the Oromo” means? How it differs from Oromo-phobia?

According to Web Med, a phobia is a type of nervousness disorder that causes an individual to experience extreme, irrational fear about a situation, living creature, place, or object. According to the Gimbot-7 chairman it is the irrational fear about the living creature, the Oromo, that drove him into the politics. If he admitted his fear of Oromo and declares openly, and ESAT propagated this fear day and night, it’s clear that ESAT and Gimbot-7 are motivated by century-old Oromo-phobia disseminated by the past systems and envious individuals, against Oromo. This is not the first-time for the ESAT and Gimbot-7 Oromo-phobic movement to spread irrational fear of the Oromo.

In 2012, they released a documentary film to incite violence between the Oromo nation and its neighbors in all the four directions. This propaganda has been continued aggressively since 2014, this time by inviting our brothers from the Southern nations and nationalities to blatantly defame the Oromo people and its history to create misunderstanding between Oromo and other peoples and nationalities.

Recently, in 2018 ESAT aired and showed us a video clip taken from the massacre in the Democratic Republic of Congo with sound track from Oromo-protests and purportedly blamed Oromos for an alleged massacre in Somali region. Many lives were lost and thousands were displaced from their homes as instantaneous consequences of that airing. What more evidences are required than hearing the slogan saying “Oromo should leave Addis Ababa” on Gmbot-7 welcoming day and the protest followed week after, to expose those Oromo-phobic situations? What other information are needed than seeing instigating deliberate conflicts between the Oromo and other peoples by showing conflict triggering horrible video clips happened in other countries and wanted to blame Oromo political organizations?

For the last two weeks, they have renewed their Oromo-phobic propaganda that caused unnecessary clashes among the people that took many lives in Finfinne and the surrounding vicinities. They continued endless hate speech and disseminating false information as if Oromo is the enemy of the “Ethiopian Unity” to harvest limitless conflict that will end up breaking the country.

The character assassination and harassment Oromo activists are facing right now from this hate group is the present proof of Oromo-phobia. They don’t want to tackle an idea with civilized knowledge or they have no ability to do so. They wanted to assassin the character of individuals, fabricate and spread unsubstantiated information to exacerbate things beyond control.  Unfortunately, they are not ready to learn from their so far mistakes or stop their wrong doing behavior. Broadcasting, one-sided extremist position and spreading unfounded fearmongering information is an addiction, an addiction that spread of frightening and exaggerated speculations of an impending danger. It has been their habit and tactic of purposely and needlessly creating public fear to achieve their objectives.

There are already numerous problems created that need immediate attention in that country. Ethiopia doesn’t want to backtrack to the bloody DERG/EPRP era. The remnants of that era still camouflage and try to destabilize the country through their obsolete tactic. The peoples of Ethiopia neither need the Woyane homogeny era, the era that ruined beyond repair. The vestiges of this era work day and night to sabotage the love, peace and harmony of the peoples of the country and try to incite conflicts among the nations and nationalities, particularly between Amhara and Oromo peoples, to show us the present Ethiopia’s change is not working.

Don’t spend your last breath for only to lag behind, walk with the new generation, the Qubee generation, the Qeerroo Bilisummaa generation. Rather than fuming and adding gas on the already existing complicated Ethiopian problems, the Peoples of Ethiopia called on you to reverse your Oromo-phobic situation and rather to be part of the solution. Rehabilitation and healing process are needed to you guys in order to be part of the solution to develop new ways of thinking in order to strategize better solutions, services and experiences that solve our current common problems. You can’t be part of the solution with Oromo-phobic disorder and with the same kind of philosophy you used when you created the problem. People in Ethiopia are walking a real walk, consequently we have seen the rapid changes in the society; the methods you have previously used in King’s or Military Junta’s even Woyane’s regimes to solve many of the problems the nations and nationalities facing are no longer effective.

What so ever the case it may be (be part of the solution or continue with their Oromo-phobic disease), let them know these: The Camel marches while the Dogs keeps on Barking. Though gradual walker, the Oromo nation never walk back; it is getting close to victory, thus, the recent rise in Oromo-phobia, such as one portrayed within this week, should not amaze us.

Horaa Bulaa!!