Oromo; MNs community seeks justice

Oromo; MNs community seeks justice

Najat Hamza

Please free oromia right now!

You have the power to amplify the voices of over 40 million people

1 week ago in Ethiopia, Haacaalu Hundeessaaa, an iconic Oromo singer, songwriter and activist was assassinated, two U.S. citizens were unlawfully detained, the government has cut off the internet nationwide and BBC News reports over 166 citizens have been murdered.

Haacaalu was not an ordinary musician. He came from a lineage of poets and scholars and inspired people not only through his music, but through his life. Haacaaluu was imprisoned at the age of 17, and it was in his 5 years in prison that he learned to compose lyrics and melodies. He was deeply knowledgeable on Oromo culture and history and was committed to connecting us all to the Oromo’s aspirations through his gift.

The Oromo are the majority of Ethiopia’s population but have long been unrepresented in many parts of Ethiopia’s history. For Haacaaluu to be assassinated means the Oromo have lost not just a beloved storyteller but the voice of a generation.

You can amplify the voices of over 40 million people and ensure that Haacaaluu’s hopes to see his people truly free are fully realised by sharing this video using #OromoProtests until our demands are heard and met.

I stand with #OromoProtests, do you?

Information reported by Aljazeera, BBC, CNN, NY Times, Washington Post, Humans Rights Watch, MPR.

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