Oromo: We must do a better job with regard to securing our information!

Oromo: We must do a better job with regard to securing our information!

Abbaa  Ormaa, March 14, 2018

QEERROON AYYAANA IRREECHA, Onkololessa 8, 2017 Magaalaa Burraayyuu (suburb of Finfinne), Malkaa Ateeteetti Bifa ho’aa ta’een kabajate oole.

Information is everything in this day and age!

The Oromo National struggle for Freedom is gaining momentum and arrived at a decisive stage.  There is no turning back. The new boss in town is the Qeerroo! Not TPLF.  The TPLF is here by attacking and terrorizing the Qeerroo and the Oromo people at large.  Qeerroo is the only revolutionary movement that has become the nightmare of the Tigrayan-led terrorist regime of Ethiopia. But it does not mean that victory is guaranteed. It is far from that!

As the struggle picks up steams and makes meaningful impacts, interests will grow from individuals, communities, and the media to learn more about the Qeerroo, some with good intentions and others with bad ones.  As a rule of thumb information must be shared on the need to know basis, and those who need to know are determined and handled by the leaders of the movement. Those sycophants, opportunists and the agents of the enemy in the diaspora, Oromia and Ethiopia produce false information about Qeerroo because the actual leaders who are in front of the movement do not openly tell their stories because of security reasons. If anyone wants information on Qeerroo, report to the actual leaders at https://qeerroo.org.

As Oromo all of us have an inherent obligation to watch our mouths and fingers when we talk and type about sensitive information and be responsible. As any movement, this is time to be very careful with each and every step and above all with regarding to information flow. As a society, we must not be widely open in the digital age, which provides sophisticated capability of decoding. The 18th century openness is not going to serve our nation well.  So we must adjust to the time if we want to survive and stand up as a nation.

Governments, companies, non-government organizations, and even families have classified information that is kept between few in the organization and the institution for the safety and well being of everyone involved.  According to Wiki: “Classified information is material that a government body claims is sensitive information that requires protection of confidentiality, integrity, or availability. Access is restricted by law or regulation to particular groups of people, and mishandling can incur criminal penalties and loss of respect.”

Recently, knowingly or unknowingly, individuals are opening up to Western and other media regarding the Oromo struggle led by Qeerroo. This is not constructive to the on going struggle. To mention one, in a recent interview, Lencoo Bati of the Oromo Democratic Front told the world the names and where about of the “founder” of the Qeerroo. Personally this coming from Lenccoo and people like him and the dysfunctional organization that is trying to hijack the Oromo struggle and sell to the highest bidder does not surprise me. This is done with a bad intention, and it demonstrates the luck of moral integrity; it is also a sign of cowardliness! There are also others who shared wrong information about the movement to various media outlets that have no good intention about the Oromo movement.

The Struggle is ongoing on and it may take longer than most of us would have liked. We just have to be patient and contribute our shares constructively or shut up and chase the dollar.

In this day and age, every bit of information like phone call, landscape, shadows, position of a corpse, video clips, and images can provide trove of information. We should be careful from being the one who would cause the death of one more Qeerroo, one more child, or one elderly person. If you have participated in the Oromo struggle, please refrain from sharing any information regarding your past and what you know and what you don’t know.  You never know which journalist is working for the regime. The information you may provide can kill the entire movement and aspirations of millions of your fellow Oromo.

Our Media have the obligation to filter out what they broadcast.  We must not aid our brutal enemy unknowingly in search of high rating. We must make sure that nothing is compromised. We must avoid being cheated by spies, criminals, pseudo revolutionaries, and opportunists who can sell our movement, Oromia and the Oromo people.

Our enemy is desperate and can go to any length to get upper hand. They may try to infiltrate Oromo Medias abroad by getting access to your computer systems by denoting computers and/or accessories like thumb drive etc. The leaders of these Medias have an obligation to secure their Organizations.  We cannot let this one slip!

Qeerroo is the heart-beat of the Oromo people

Victory to Qeerroo!


  1. Dear writer:

    I suspect you yourself. you said “If anyone wants information on Qeerroo, report to the actual leaders at https://qeerroo.org.”. Is sending to this website from Ethiopia safe????

  2. I agree with you. We need to be careful and be diligent. I want to add to your suggestion that I worry about the information regarding OLA /OLF presence in different corners of the country. It is not appropriate to tell if OLF is here or there. Please do not share how many people OLF /OLA killed in certain place because the enemy will use that information and wipeout our innocent people. Gorilla fighters normally do not share their location or what they did daily in public.

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