Oromo does not need a change, Oromo needs a fundamental change that does NOT include EPRDF!

Oromo does not need a change, Oromo needs a fundamental change that does NOT include EPRDF!

By Abba Orma (PhD), August 28, 2019

Mothers’ cry over the massacre of their children must have a stop.

Oromo needs not a change, but a fundamental change one that uproots the deep rooted Habesha bureaucracy from its foundation.  Dr. Abiy cannot deliver this needed fundamental change. The only way that happens is with a strong military resistance and a strong and genuine Oromo Media. The Oromo people must work on these two things immediately and remove EPRDF from power for good!

I call upon the Oromo people to STOP Dr. Abiy’s Menelikization project. We need true democracy not a King!

The past one year has given ample time for Dr. Abiy and OPDO to redeem themselves of the crimes they have committed against the Oromo people as a junior partner of the TPLF led government. They blamed all the killings, tortures, incarcerations, disappearances, and exploitation of the Oromo people on Meles and the TPLF. What about today? Who is to blame today?

Since ascending to power on the backs of Oromo people’s struggle and sacrifices of thousands of Oromo children, Dr. Abiy and his OPDO/ODP has been working to undermine the very Oromo cause that generations have sacrificed their lives for and put them in Menelik’s palace.  Dr. Abiy Ahmed has hired Nafxanyaas who openly declared war on Oromo and Oromummaa like Dr. Berhanu Naga, Andargachew Tsige, and directly from the Orthodox Church to carry out his ambition of recreating Menelik’s Ethiopia. His domestic and international policies are guided by these people who hold animosity to the Oromo people and believe that Oromummaa and Ethiopia cannot coexist and that Oromo/Oromia has to be broken apart for Ethiopia to survive.  In every high level federal state positions, he installed Amhara Nafxanyaas whose main objective is to undermine the Oromo people’s struggle, the current Federal system and the constitution. Even Oromia State bureaus are filled up with nafxanyaas and sabotage any effort to advance Oromo interest. Reports are coming out that Dr. Abiy has been working with Ginbot-7 and ESAT TV while in EPRDF as an agent and now we are told from his own advisors that he is provided with the so called “Finote Karta” that he is implementing by the same group.  A number of task forces/commissions are working underground to make recommendations to Dr. Abiy for implementation. Most of these commissions are headed by Amhara Nafxanyaas and in some cases no Oromo side is included in these commissions. The recently released so called “Road Map of Ethiopian Education Policy” is a good example of what is in the store for Oromo people. This commission is led by Nafxanyaas in Bahir Dar. We all know what it means. This Road Map is intended to weaken and then kill Afaan Oromo in direct contradiction to the constitution that gives States the liberty to design its education curriculum. There are more to come just like the education policy regarding the Federal structure, Borders between states, Finfinnee, etc.  Oromo people have no say in these commissions just like the education road map.

Dr. Abiy is systematically waging war against Oromummaa and the Oromo people by stripping them of their land, undermining their language, history, and culture. Everything Oromo is now up in the air for discussion while others are doing state building and expanding on Oromo land. He is trying hard to mold Oromo youth into accepting Amharic and Menelik’s Ethiopia. It is to be remember, as relayed by Dr. Berhanu, that the main reason behind renovating the forgotten rat infested Menelik’s dining Hall in the palace is so that Oromo kids learn how great a leader Menelik was. Today, Ethiopian Embassies around the world are celebrating Menelik’s birthday, the Emperor’s birthday, etc.

Tens of thousands of Internally Displaced Oromos in Bale and other places are starving and left to die while Dr. Abiy calls for billions of dollars to “beautify FinFinnee” for his Amhara friends. Dr. Abiy is yet to comment on the dying Oromos in Bale refugee camp.

Dr. Abiy handed Addis Ababa over to Amhara by giving one of the two seats previously held by OPDO to Amhara. Now Amhara has 2 seats, Tigray, Oromo, Southern each have one. No explanation given as to why.

ESLCE is stolen and universities and colleges are to be filled by 100% Amharas. Oromo students are systematically excluded from higher education in Ethiopia. I believe this is a retaliation against Qeerroo and Qarree by OPDO/EPRDF.

Dr. Abiy is waging retaliatory war against the Oromo people in Southern Oromia and Western Oromia as part of his long-term plan to kill any resistance from Oromo. Today these areas are under military command posts. People in the area are intentionally impoverished and set up for devastating famine.

Oromia land grab is continuing unabated and Amhara nafxanyaas are allowed to use Ethiopian Orthodox Church, a political army of Amhara nafxanyaas for more than a century to exploit, dehumanize Oromo culture, language, and expropriate their land under the disguise of “Tabot” and other organized groups under the cover of night while Dr. Abiy’s government is silent.

Dr. Abiy and OPDO divided the Qeerroo/Qarree, Oromo Artists, Oromo civic organizations, and the Oromo people by region and religion and pitting against each other.

Dr. Abiy and OPDO are weakening Oromo institutions and monopolized the Media by bribing with land/job and intimidation to silence the Oromo people.

Dr. Abiy and OPDO are using Jowar Mohammed, the main collaborator/architect of the hijacking of Oromo struggle for his own fame and made fortune out of Oromo blood, to confuse and misinform the Oromo people by paying him millions of dollars.

Dr. Abiy is following the TPLF model of creating satellite political parties to undermine legitimate Oromo political parties and liberation movements. Recently they formed OLF-Sodere to undermine and use it as a means of pushing the legitimate OLF led by Dawud Ibsa from the election.

Dr. Abiy is behind the “newly” created so called Ezema- nationality politics by Dr. Berhanu Naga. This organization is created to kill the federal system, the rights of nations and nationalities by to bring back Menelik’s Ethiopia.

We are where we are, what should Oromos do next?

It is now abundantly clear that Dr. Abiy’s government is NOT an Oromo government. Dr. Abiy is an enemy of the Oromo people!  He talks like Oromo but he does not think like the majority of Oromos, he does not believe in Oromummaa, he does not believe that Afaan Oromo is as vibrant and self-sufficient as any other language, he does not believe in Oromia instead believes in the Menelikawit Ethiopia, he does not believe our children should learn Afaan Oromo, he does not believe that Finfinnee is the heart of Oromia even worst Dr. Abiy believe that Oromo does not belongs to Finfinnee, Oromos attachment to Finfinnee is to supply Finfinnee with its needs from afar and supple garbage dumping ground. He believes that Oromo are disposable for his ambition and Menelik’s Ethiopia.

Therefore, the Oromo people are left with only one option and that is to rise up and demand their rights by all possible means available to them. If left unchallenged and reversed, its consequence will be the wiping out of Oromia from the map and complete political, economic domination by nafxanyaas.

Oromo needs fundamental change. The only way that happens is if the deep rooted unforgiving Habesha bureaucracy is uprooted from its foundation from Oromia. The only way that happens is with a strong military resistance and a genuine Oromo media. The Oromo people must work on these two things.

Support WBO! Strong WBO is your only chance to truly have your voice heard.

Expel all political operatives/offices in Oromia that does not respect your right to self-determination including OPDO.  

At every locality in Oromia, organize your community and practice self-rule.  Kick out from your community those working for OPDO and Dr. Abiy.

Support Oromo Medias not those Oromo Media by name only!