Oromo: Darkness cannot overshadow our Dawn!

By: Najat Hamza

Oromo: Darkness cannot overshadow our Dawn!

All of our fallen martyrs past and present fought till the very end. They have handed us the torch of the struggle and we have to get it to the destination. We cannot be tired. We cannot be shocked to paralysis or submission. We have to carry their torch with the conviction as they did.

The only way to make their sacrifices count is to usher in freedom and end the cycle of struggle once and for all. They died because they stood for what they believed in, they did not die because of weakness. We have to understand that we have the most bravest people. We know bravery does not come cheap.

We have to refuse to cheapen their sacrifices. We have to walk the rest of the way. In a perfect world, we would not lose a life or risk blood spill to achieve our goals. But, we are not dealing with civil people or something that resembles a human being. We are dealing with a group of lawless gangsters shredding around as government. This is what they do. This is what they are good at. There is no justification for killing civilians in anyway, but here we are and it angers me.

We are stronger than we think. We are united than we realize. And we are determined to be free more than the government is fighting to stay in power. We will not be tired. We will not, we cannot falter!

The struggle continues…
Guard one another, your goal as people and your country!

One People. One Goal. One Nation.

We Can. And We will.

Mataa ol qabadhaa!

#OromiRevolution #MoyaleMassacre

Moyale, 13 or 15 dead and counting…the carnage is before us…just like before…we count…we react…we say no…then we wait…for the next area…for the next massacre…and we do it all over again…in the meantime, our youth are gone forever…we are allowing this to be normal…we are allowing this to be what we accepted!!!

Our people are already living under repression so bad that they starve while they have endless bounties. They already are not living the live they deserve. When they get gunned down while living in this situation, it is like the final blow. How could this be normal? I know their death is not in vain. They have brought change in Oromia and all of Ethiopia. But, my question is, is their sacrifices mate with equal resistance to the government?

How much is enough?

“Wayyaaneen rakkatte.guursisi

Miidhaksaa Abbishuu

Lammaa Magarsaa dabalatee qondaalonni fi dabballoonni OPDO labsii muddamaa kana kan fide lagannaa gabaati jedhan. Kun soba ta’uufi labsii muddamaa labsuuf kan murtaa’e walgahii KHR EPRDF kan dhuma Muddee guyyaa 17 taa’amerratti ta’uu dubbachaan ture. Gaafas kaadireen gamaa gamanaa wal waamtee sobaan hoggana keenya maqaa balleessita malee OPDOn ejjannoo takkaan mormite jedhan. Dhugaa OPDOn dhoksuuf yaalte warri isaan waliin dhandhaare saaxiluu eegale. Kaleessa Dabraxiyoontu Labsii Muddamaa akka walgahii guyyaa 17 irratti sagalee guutuun dhaabni afranuu mirkaneesse dubbate. Har’a Shifarraa Shugguxee itti dabalee mirkneesse. Kaadireen akka baratte kun oduu ‘diinaati’ jechuun hin oolu. Yoo dubbiin kun dhuguma oduu diinaa ta’ee hoggansi OPDO walgahii guyyaa 17 irratti hin fudhatin mee gadi bahanii ifatti ibsa ejjannotin unmataaf haa himan! Hoggansi OPDO hayyama Agaazin ummata ittiin fixxu jara waliin mallatteessitee amma ammoo taaziyaa/ booya unmata waliin taa’uu barbaadi. No Way!

Jawar Mohammed

From Jawar Mohammed
BREAKING: The Agazi commander who ordered and directly lead the operation of yesterday’s massacre in Moyale is identified as Colonel Abraha Aregawi, former deputy defense attaché to Yemen , and now head of the regiment deployed to Southern Oromia. He is said to be close friend of Gen Gebre Dilla and takes direct order from him. That means he is untouchable.


Via Feyera Aga Hirpa
This is a simple chart to explain the Ethiopian Army’s killing process in Oromia. There has been a non stop massacre with fake legal coverage (anti-terrorism law) and the State of Emergency.
With a well planned killing process, people have been murdered in their homes, at churches, in school, on the street. Everywhere. Even though the violence against civilians have been intensified over the last 4 years, the kidnapping, torturing and killing has been taking place for far longer- for decades. The window of peaceful struggle is narrowing.

The government should breakout of this killing loop!

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  1. Extremely saddened by the act of the Ethiopian government/TPLF regime ,which has planned and carried out indiscriminate massacre of our civilians in Oromia in general and Moyale in particular. The criminal gang operating in Ethiopia in the name of government has committed inhumane crime against humanity, abducting, disappearing, tourturing, mass killing and assassinating our bright brothers and sisters since it came to power in 1991.

    How long is the Oromo pepeole crying and burying their children whose lives are taken by TPLF killers in such a violence? Are we not entitled to self-defense against this uncivilised force of evil, the TPLF thugs and their cronies? Where have those political and liberation organizations using our name been when we are subjected to such political violence by those who control the Ethiopian government? Where are the international community when such act of violence is committed against civilians by a group in government power in Ethiopia? Where are other Ethiopians when the TPLF government lets loose its lunatic killer soldiers,/security personnel to mass murder helpless peaceful civilians?

    Why are the Ethiopian people in general and the Oromo pepeole in particular unable to at least get rid of TPLF gang leaders and their cronies who order these atrocities? Is it totally impossible for our people to defend themselves?

    May I extend my deepest sympathy and condolences to the victims of TPLF crimes against humanity? May their sacrifice and blood cleanse our people from TPLF evil spirits and take us closer to our freedom? May we carry the torch of freedom on?

    RIP our heroes and heroines! Those who murdered you in cold blood will be brought to justice, no matter how long it might take. Victory and freedom to our people who have become victims of political violence in their own country!


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