Oromo Community Organization of Washington, DC, is organizing a peaceful demonstration

Oromo Community Organization of Washington, DC, is organizing a peaceful demonstration

The Oromo Community Organization of Washington, DC, is organizing a peaceful demonstration on March 13, 2020, in Washington, DC, to condemn the continued mass arrest, beating, looting, and killings of Oromos in Oromia.

The Ethiopian government, for more than a year, has been waging undeclared war all over Oromia in general and Wallaga, Guji, and Borana zones of Oromia Regional State in particular. In their recent Oromia wide campaign to suppress Oromo people’s demand for equality, freedom, and justice, the Ethiopian government military and security forces have imprisoned and tortured thousands of innocent Oromos of all ages.

At a time when the hope of the people is for a peaceful transition to a democratic order, the government of Prime Minister Abiy bent on staying on power, is destabilizing the country to create a pretext to hinder Oromo political organizations from participation in the planned national election. Imprisoning members and supporters of the opposition parties in Oromia and limiting activities of the opposition political parties is a daily occurrence. Recently, the regime’s violence against Oromos has expanded, beyond zones that are under the illegal military command rule, to all parts Oromia.

Oromo: Oromian National Conference On Human Rights -March 13 to March 15, 2020

The purpose of this demonstration is to strongly condemn the Ethiopian government’s illegal military command rule in Wallaga, Guji and Borana Zones of Oromia Regional State and abuse of Oromo nationals in the name of Rally/ support for PM’s newly created party Biltigna. In addition, it is to bring to the attention of the international community the ongoing human rights violations and killings of innocent Oromos by the Ethiopian government and to demand from the U.S government to exert the utmost pressure on the Ethiopian government:

  • To lift the illegal military command rule in Oromia
  • To stop the killings, arbitrary arrests, and torturing of Oromo people.
  • To respect the rule of law and bring those who committed extrajudicial killings to court.
  • To release all political prisoners without discrimination, and stop harassing Oromo political parties.
  • To commit to a peaceful transition and facilitate conditions to conduct a fair, free, and competitive election.

The Oromo Community Organization of Washington DC calls upon all Oromos and friends of the Oromo people living in D.C and neighboring States to participate in this peaceful demonstration and to stand with our people who are currently sacrificing their lives to defend their rights peacefully.

Date: March 13, 2020
Time: 9:30 am – 2:00pm
Starting point: White House @ 9:30 am – 11:30
Stopping Point: The World Bank
Ending Point: State Department

The Oromo Community Organization of Washington DC
Tel. (202) 234-1151 E-mail: info@oromocommunitydmv.org
Oromo Community Organization – DMVWelcome to our Community. The Oromo people, numbering more than 40 million, are bound by common history, culture, language, and above all?by Oromumma. They constitute well over 40% of Ethiopia?s total population and are the second largest single nationality group in Africa.

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