Oromo cause isn’t & has never been about dominating Ethiopia.

Oromo cause isn’t & has never been about dominating Ethiopia.

Oromos want their own share in their own territory. That requires an effective exercise of the right to self-determination.

Shimelis isn’t elected by Oromo & doesn’t represent Oromo. What Shimelis said doesn’t have anything to do with Oromo cause.

#OromoProtests denounces Shimelis and his Bilxigina political party.

This is why we say Abiy and co. are liability to the Oromo and the wider Ethiopia.

#AbiyMustGo #ShimelisMustGo

– Henok G. Gabisa

Most people were mistaken about #Mustafe of #Somali region. People portrayed him as statesman and potent regional president. Some elites even considered him as one of the future replacement for the failed #PM. He misled most of us like the current pm. The truth is, he is coward and opportunist individual. He is neither a politician nor influential person but mid-level activist whose family members are killed by the stupid #AbdiIley. A victim turned to activist is sadist not politician. Remove this incompetent who invest a lot of public money to nature his personality cult.

– Leul Henok

We couldn’t have agree more. Dude, you have said it all.