Oromo: Call for actions against all instruments of genocide in Oromia

Oromo: Call for actions against all instruments of genocide in Oromia

By Aba Orma, May 5, 2018

Protecting your family and livelihood is a universal right!

The Oromo people do not have partner in the bitter struggle against the genocidal TPLF regime in Ethiopia to protect their family and livelihood. The TPLF aggression toward the Oromo people is not new but recently the scale is alarming. If the militarization of Oromia, expulsions from land, rapes, arrests, killings, and systematic elimination is allowed to continue, soon our majority status in the empire as habitant of Oromia becomes the thing of the past.

The Oromo people must rise up before it is too late and dismantle all TPLF’s instruments of genocide in Oromia. These includes but not restricted to

  1. The security apparatus and personnel of the regime present in Oromia.
  2. Abdi Iley and the Liyu police that displaced more than one million Oromos from their homes.
  3. Transportations, bridges, and roads that is used and can be used by the securities to continue its genocides.
  4. MIDROCK, flower farms, and any entities that is involved in unfair practices of extortion of natural resources and collaborating with the TPLF regime to poison our people in the name of investment.
  5. Any personnel in uniform in Oromia (including Oromia police etc.) that is enabling TPLF to commit genocide.
  6. Power supply (such as electric grids) to the security and Agazi that is used to carry out genocide against the Oromo people.


The Role of our political elites, political Organizations, and Medias at this critical moment

The Oromo people and elites do not have the luxury of pity politics and political bickering and infighting when the very existence of the very people they claim to fight for is at the greatest risk ever. Eventually the Oromo people will decide what system of governance and what kind of country they want. Now, the time is for figuring out how to remove this genocidal regime hovering over the Oromo people and free the people.

It is an urgent matter to consider forming a Global Oromo Political Actions Committee (GOPAC) that includes all stake holder Oromo Organizations, Medias, and Civic Associations: Medias such as ONN and OMN; Civic organizations such as Global Gummi Oromia (GGO), Oromo Leadership Convention (OLC), Oromo Community of North America, International Oromo Youth associations, Oromo Women associations, Oromo Advocacy Groups, etc. in the mold of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) to spare the Oromo people from extinction. If we are united we are a force and above all we can convince the world that a sustainable peace comes to the Horn of Africa only when the rights and freedom of the Oromo people is assured. America cannot ask for a better partner in the Horn of Africa than the peaceful Oromo people.

The Oromo People must separate the chaff from the wheat and support the wheat to materialize the Oromo aspiration for freedom!

There are several Oromo political organizations in number. In my opinion in theory, there are two independent Oromo political Organization that are active Oromo political organization with organizational infrastructure and resources to lead the Oromo struggle for freedom. The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) led by Dawud Ibsa and the Oromo Federal Congruence (OFC). The OFC has committed itself to working in the system and the result, as we all know it, is incarceration and killings of its supporters, members, and leaders. In TPLF’s Ethiopia, there is no space for oppositions and OFC. Therefore, this leaves the Oromo people with only one viable option, the Oromo Liberation Front. If the Oromo people are fade-up of second citizenship status and exploitations, the choice is to strengthen the capacity of the OLF/OLA/Qeerroo in all forms most importantly militarily and speed up the down fall of the TPLF regime. The Oromo Liberation Army is the army of the Oromo people and should be supported by every freedom loving Oromo regardless of party affiliation. They are there with the people in all regions of Oromia. The enemy of the Oromo people in any corner of Oromia is their enemy. They are in the East, the West, the South, and the North by admission of the regime itself. So, why would you not want to support them?

The Oromo people never had representation in the TPLF regime. OPDO is there to protect the interests of the Tigray people through TPLF. OPDO has been enabling the TPLF to extort Oromo land, abuse, and dehumanize the Oromo people for the last 27 years. Let us be honest, they have as much Oromo blood in their hand as TPLF. They are all Abadula Gemda in different sizes. How can OPDO claim as a gatekeeper for the Oromo people when it is still part of the TPLF/EPRDF?

  1. More than 1 million Oromo people are internally displaced from their homes by the TPLF/EPRDF regime
  2. When it is dead silent and advocates of the unconstitutional State of Emergency that is a clear declaration of war on the Oromo people by TPLF/EPRDF.
  3. More than 50,000 people run to Kenya to save their lives from the TPLF massacre in Moyale
  4. MIDROC and other TPLF extortion/exploitation companies are given free riding to poison Oromo children in the name of investment. Oromo parents in Oromia are left to care for disabled, blinded, disfigured and poisoned children.
  5. Oromo children are hunted and raped and killed by Agazi at will without any accountability.

It is time to put everything on hold and fight this evil before it is too late. For the Oromo people, more time for TPLF means millions more Oromos lose their land, thousands more raped and then murdered, and hundreds of thousands of Oromo put in concentration camps. Are we ready to be the generation that stands by and allow these to take place or are we the generation finally willing to wake up and put our own pity politics aside and work together to save our people!

We must abandon politics of animosity and revenge and come together under politics of purpose. We should all call upon our fragmented Political Organizations to leave behind their animosity and come together for the greater good of our people.

Oromia Shall be Free!


  1. This is an actionable article that requires commitment, follow up and implementation. I hope that this will lead to the creation of a task force. The concept of “save the homland first and argue later” is more critical now than ever.
    “Ya’jolle biyya kooti
    Hundumttu haadhokooti”
    Haacaalu Hundessa.
    We only have one important question, free our homland of Oromiya !!

  2. Several truths in this article. But it looks more an advertisement for Daud rather than offering any realistic solution. We have been telling the world that the enemy of the Oromos is the TPLF. But how can you convince even a child that TPLF is still oppressor while OROMOs are President, Prime Minister, foreign minister, defense minister of the country all at the same time? And what is the evidence that Daud is our sole saviour while the rest are trash?
    I support the idea that traitors who have blood of our people in their hands should be punished. But why focus on soft target Oromia police rather than AbaDula, Muktar Kadir etc. and those who permitted MIDROC to commit industrial scale genocide? Who is fighting Liyu police today? Oromia police or “WABO zooni kibbaa”? I propose Daud work with Oromia police as closely as possible rather than antagonize them, and Oromos take orders only from Abba Gadas when God is not around.

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