Oromiyaa! Weerara Alaaf keessaa firra qolachuu maqaa ja’anu Miidhaa ilman hiyyeessa

Oromiyaa! Oduu Fulbaana 19,2021- Weerara Alaaf keessaa firra qolachuu maqaa ja’anu Miidhaa ilman hiyyeessa

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ODUU Hatattama ONLF filannoo Bilxiginnaa Dhituna ABO KFO fi TPLFti makem Erga marara lola Tigiraay

My dear friends, don’t miss the clear letter I wrote to Mr. Ermias Legesse below.
The issue shows not only mine and Ermias but also the current politics. If you feel lost after reading and feeling lost, I’m ready to pay a high cash Happy Sunday
A clear letter to Mr. Ermias Legesse
I am not surprised to say that you have given a short corrections regarding the accusations I have been accused of using ′′ package ′′ as usual, but I have felt that you have wronged the people, because I have given the ability to clear the ability.
You know I have written four lette
rs on this issue. These letters I wrote for you by email are the same. In short, they are asking you to correct my rights regarding me. I repeatedly asked you to solve the issue out of court but you are not willing to correct the mistake you made in the court. This is the truth, trying to make yourself an oppressor while trying to make you look like a conspiracy against you won’t change your false accusation to one penetrate truth.
Today is not what I asked for today but not what I asked Shabiyan, Ginbot 7, Abiy’s government, anti-Addis Ababa forces, Oromuma groups and other ′′ packaging ′′ is not what you and I have lost. Let it be, your aim is to make you look like they are going to destroy you by supporting the truth and helping yourself. When a frog wants to be an elephant, it will be like this until it dies. The father of self-support will be exploded and lost, not as you think it will benefit forever.
Stop blaming the truth with smoke and trouble and let’s talk in a simple language. As you remember, when the information that is hidden and unseen, you pretend to have hidden a dangerous secret and you pretend to be exposed on Tewodros Tsegaye YouTube channel, when your prayer is released and when it comes to you, you will be released on September 2020, 2020, Tedros Tsagaye YouTube channel and your prayers are released. You are near the house wives.
I was the main target of your clapping analysis in this conference. The story you told your audience and Jeleh is true, the one who can’t control his feelings when he insults me and insults me. But I have not judged a poor listener and herd because of you but not because of you. If the conference is displaced, it is necessary to return from nightmares to Gehadu world so it is necessary to ask the story and false stories to be corrected. Send you the first letter EE September 2020 Then, even if you ask me to close the case four times, it is appropriate for you to bring the case to Mayadala. If you don’t want to correct the last warning on July 17, I would have made it clear for you to take the last option to the law. Therefore, you are the one who led the case to court.
Hurt me because you are the information that can be found on the Beriyot Media program and you can be called amazing by hearing lies and I don’t have to remember. I am still confused to answer the question ′′ why?” Surely, I don’t think it can be a strategy to attack someone who didn’t reach you to cover your own shameful mistake and assuming that you learned from TPLF.
Anyways, the facts that don’t concern Shabiyan, OLF, Ginbot 7 or Anti-Addis Ababa are based on the accusations of my Abebebe Gelaw are following.
1th / TPLF leader Debretsion Gebremikiael, why I thought it was a personal attack on January 2018, and why I haven’t seen your personal information on Debretsion and other people’s emails. You spoke in public. You have shown me that I will hack individuals’s email and you will have evidence that I will do crime. Therefore, I ask you to correct Debretsion’s crimes and make it a shameful act that you have done wrong. To me Debretsion is the biggest enemy of the people of Ethiopia. I am not surprised as I heard Habtamu Ayalew talking to Debretsion and talking about their crimes.
What I have revealed is that Debretsion is not only on the red regions (red districts) but also on the basis of the daily research I have done on TPLF’s mainstream media, especially the Abay Woldu Tifozo, but also on the daily basis of the news I have celebrated in the country. As I asked you, you are not willing to do any correction. Therefore, it is an evil act that reveals who your people are accused of breaking emails.
I suggest you spread false accusations on the media regarding this related to this.
2th / You are very amazing, I have not kept the secret that you have kept and kept it secretly, but by saying ′′ They Know Everything We Do: Telecom and Internet Surveillance in Ethiopia ′′ The 145 page headline report has worked on the source of the information. Including many emails exchange we did with Phillix Horn, you came up with a fake document on the media and mentioned the real ′′ Report ′′ is another 16 pages. The shocking issue is that you changed the document that is mine and forged me by false crime. The fact is, the one who didn’t have a 16 page report and sent me an interview with the engineer Transcription (copy) and sent me Phillix Horn by email and the original copy of this one is not reported and you have changed the name of the redone with the original (original copy) and you have been hacked by Facebook. The court has been appointed to the court. Just to remind you that the document you made forge without asking for permission of Human Rights Watch is not more than 100 English swags (grammar), letter error and (spelling errors) is not a ′′ report of your system ′′ I am sure that the court will not pass without admiring it. I have asked the court to make the name of this to make the public hate and to make the trustworthy and to make the public forged docuum and to spread the word to the public.
One of the teachers who taught me when I was a student in Addis Ababa, send me an email regarding today’s Transport Minister Ms. Dagmawit Moges. This should be taken up by people in power because he has the responsibility of investigating public intelligence. This is also a normal matter.
The suggestion raised around Mrs. Dagmawit was not new. At this time, you started a campaign not only for the mayor of Addis Ababa but also for the second mayor. Even though I don’t comment on some of the media’s suggestions I didn’t know about you recently, I was a curse. The suggestion of the person who was an assistant teacher and student of Addis Ababa: The Case of Woreda 2 and 28 ) I gave you a copy of the information you and Sisay Agena that the university won’t let them be fired from their work and education market. This issue has never been related to the media’s work not to any other political conspiracy.
You have really enjoyed the information on the time and I will pass it on when you talked about your friendship with the woman instead of the truth. Sisay Agena and I decided not to give the case to cover it was not related to your story but because we believed that it was appropriate to give cover not because the information was sent from Minosota. If you open a closed file while saying this is the fact that you have opened a new media like me in Minnesota, send me a documentary like Jawar (you also washed your eyes with salt and said you have received a copy of the same post) you have moved the name of Mrs. Dagmawit and stop this act. I don’t understand politics like you. According to you, I was driving to steal the name of the person I was driving with other people’s fake doses like you. Let it be, the documents found in Addis Ababa University and also the leaders who have been involved in the decision process are fully investigated with your story. This information will be brought to court because it is prepared by voice and document.
Since you are not willing to fix this false crime, I ask the court to see the case.
4th / the other one mentioned above is because I have faith that Abebe Gelaw is the mayor of Amhara and the mayor. It’s so amazing This is so sad
Mr. Ermias, please! If you didn’t know me in a few, I wouldn’t be surprised that you are going out with such shameful and dirty accusations. Anyone who knows you can guess what result you want to have this kind of dirty accusations in the public. I thank God for I don’t have a heart that treats such cheap and racist feelings like anyone knows. Of course, the dirt you threw will create water and blessing. If I fight for the society I was born in public, I will present this to the people of Ethiopia especially the people of Amhara because you are not willing to do a wrong crime and correct it.
The main accusations are these, because you have exposed my secret, it is not good for the media because you are worried about me and the other people who are not related to my accusations and you have arrested and released breaking news and it is not good to the media. Whether you believe it or not, your old and old strategic propaganda strategy will never work on me. The addiction of lies and mischief today will make you nude in the square but it won’t make you profit. I hate Abebe with a herd, don’t put yourself in a waste of my dirty idea that I insult him. Weyane didn’t succeed including many types of names including the military and the armed forces, it will never succeed.
So, the charges above are not as indicated by Shabiya, Oromuma, May 7, Anti Addis Ababa, Abiy’s government or other forces that can be taken part in cooperation. It is clear that you have been accused of violating the rights of the people by spreading fake information to the people and not being willing to correct the media because you are not fair to harm me because it is clear that you are harmed by the people who are driving like a sheep.
Don’t worry too much about the cashier. As you know here in America, it is common to ask for a million dollars of charges not only for such a serious case. Don’t pretend that you’re not lost and you’re asked to pay just like that. It has just begun but it hasn’t ended. So be calm and calm! Pay attention above all else. Just to show the weight of destruction, your heart knows that Abebe Gelaw doesn’t want to be with you and Mr. Lila Hailemariam Bessa Basti. Some of the ′′ former ′′ TPLF’s lolees are confused why you caught me at the end of time? My friend used to say ′′ Once a Weyane, always a Weyane
Anyways, the main issue is to accept the truth, not to look at the truth with a hole of lies. The kind of court that we both are fighting for is not the kind of court that Bereket Simon was circulating on a phone line but not a court that won’t pass to any of us. Therefore, it is a court that doesn’t lack justice. The poor people who drink your lies and say ′′ I am by your side ′′ are sad. It’s time for them to be called for a while.
In order to summarize, there is freedom of speech in this country where we live in. Most people who respect the law and order until you don’t violate the rights of others and don’t oppose you. There is also responsibility as there is a right. Even if you say you are the Arada of Addis Ababa, you won’t think you have seen a lot of things. All your thoughts are in the era of Meles and blessings and your words or actions are proof.
If you have a conscience, let me ask you why you have the last question. Why is it necessary to hate the name of all the issues listed above that you and I have made and their file closed in public to attack me with false accusations and make me trustworthy? Why did Mr. Lilay go to the public with the worst false accusations and crimes he opened for me? Is it a matter of coincidence or is there any other ′′ package How can I serve my country and my people with a lot of challenges? I left the answer for you
If we gather the truth we have and you will teach our society responsibility but it doesn’t have any harm. I am ready to take the punishment because you decided to teach me and make me directions and take the punishment. Until then, may we be a person of Kermo!
Abebe Gellaw

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