OROMIA: OSG Releases its 53 Reports on Human Rights Violations in Ethiopia

OROMIA: OSG Releases its 53 Reports on Human Rights Violations in Ethiopia

(OSG 53 Report, 29 October 2020) Ethiopian security forces committed horrendous human rights violations, Oromia Support Group said in its recently released report.

In a new report 53, OSG documents how security forces committed grave human rights violations in the country.

The most significant human rights issues included: arbitrary deprivation of life, disappearances, torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment by security forces; harsh and life-threatening prison conditions; arbitrary arrest and detention by security forces; denial of a fair public trial; infringement of privacy rights; restrictions on freedoms of speech, press, internet, assembly, association, and movement; and lack of accountability.

The government generally did not take steps to prosecute or otherwise punish officials who committed human rights abuses.

OSG has now recorded 1134 extra-judicial killings of civilians by government forces since three students were shot dead in Jimma Agaro in October 2018.

Read the full report from the bottom link!


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  1. Good report but not complete. We all have to help OSG and Oromo Medias to get full coverage of the killing and arrests done on Oromos in Ethiopia. Currently the situation in Ethiopia is “Either you are with us or you are against us” is the principle Abiy’s prosperity party is using. If you are Oromo Nationalist you are to be killed. If you don’t support pp you will lose your job or be eliminated by all means.

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