Oromia hands over coal mine to organized youth

Oromia hands over coal mine to organized youth

Oromia hands over coal mine to organized youth

(thereporterethiopia)—-A year after it has striped Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC) of the rights to extract and market coal minerals from the Yayu Coal deposit, the Oromia Regional State has finally handed over the mining concession to organized youth in the area, The Reporter has learnt.

The contested coal mineral site, located in Yayu, Ilu Ababor Zone–previously under METEC–has been operational for the past seven years. Under its ownership, the military industrial complex was using the site to originally use the raw material for Yayu Fertilizer Factory which currently is under construction.

However, so far, the Factory is yet to be operational. In fact, the half year report by the Ministry of Public Enterprises indicates that the construction of the factory is lagging behind schedule.

Regarding the performance of ongoing projects, Yayu Fertilizer project is said to be the worst performer among the projects under the ministry. The contractor METEC was expected to complete 17 percent of the project and reach 42 percent completion over the past half year. However, it managed to complete 0.3 percent.

Apparently, previous reports to the parliament indicated METEC was extracting the mining site and exporting the raw materials. This has created a problem between the regional state and the Corporation since that was not the intended purpose of operation. Moreover, the regional state accused the Corporation for not paying a land rent for 13,900 hectares it occupied.

Furthermore, the protest in the region is also said to be linked to a controversy where youths across the region have begun to claim ownership over similar projects.

In this respect, a year ago, METEC lost the right of ownership to the site.

Following the complexity of problem, as of this week, the regional state officially handed over the site to a 171 organized youth to work on the mineral site.