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Oromia Government Warns Against Planned Protests

Oromia Government Warns Against Planned Protests

June 3, 2020 ( — The Oromia state of Ethiopia has warned against planned protests in the region and any attempt to do so will face the full weight of the law, a high-level government official has said

The planned protests which were called by opposition Oromo political parties including the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) comes after dozens of people were reportedly killed in Qellem Wellega by government security forces.

“We will not compromise the peace and stability of the state. If anything goes wrong in the region, those that are behind the protests will be brought before justice. That’s not compromising and the health and safety of the people come first,” Addisu Arega, Social Cluster Coordination Head with the rank of deputy president of the state has said

The deputy president has called on the people of Oromia to give priority to their well being as any activity to participate in the protest would subject them to high risk of coronavirus infections.

Reports indicate that dozens of innocent people were killed in western Oromia during the fighting between the Ethiopian army and soldiers for the separatist Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and both sides traded accusations that the other killed the innocent people.

Addisu blamed third parties including the Tigray People Liberation Front and others which were backed by Egypt for sponsoring and coordinating the planned protests.

“The public should be alert against those forces which stand against the benefits of the nation,” he added.

According to the deputy president, the opposition Oromo political parties which were disappointed by the postponement of the general elections and rejection of a proposal to establish transitional government are behind the planned protests

TPLF, which subjected the people of Ethiopia to a variety of sufferings, wants to weaken the central government by sponsoring such kinds of protests, he added.

Addisu said the public can forward their demands any time after the coronavirus infection is eradicated.

The verbal disputes between TPLF and the ruling Prosperity Party have worsened from time to time involving the 6th general election which was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in the country.

TPLF is using the issues of elections as a major agenda to challenge the federal government even though the country’s parliament had postponed it.

The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) will conduct the national and regional elections but any attempt to conduct the election at the regional level will be illegal and unacceptable, Awelu Abdi, one of the officials of PP  has said.

TPLF, in its recent statement, accused the federal government of violating the constitution and abusing power, describing Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed as “dumb dictator.”

Meanwhile, the total number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Ethiopia has reached 1,344 in Ethiopia with,  231 recoveries and 14 deaths so far.

Source: ezega

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