Gutu Olana Wayessa

1. His name is Tesfa Belissa (in the picture). He worked for Oromia Regional State as Team Leader and Database Administrator for six years.

2. He took his seven-month-old baby, whom you see in the picture, to India for treatment of congenital heart disease.

3. Tesfa was arrested by Oromia Police upon his return from India.

4. He was suspected of delivering government information (not classified by investigators) to a third party and for sharing Facebook posts of Oromo activists. Upon this allegation, they arrested him for three weeks in Galan police station.

5. When his case was investigated by the court, they could not find any evidence against him. Hence, the court decided to release him on bail of 40,000 (forty thousand) ETB.

6. However, the police refused to release him and detained him in an unknown place for the last three months, since he was hijacked from Galan police station.

7. His seven-month-old child, who had been treated in India, is now in chronic illness for lack of his father who was oriented to administer the prescribed medicine. It was only Tesfa (the captive) who could follow up the prescription and give required medicine for the child.

8. The mother of the child was not able to give any of the medicines as prescribed by physicians; as a result of which the medicines were discontinued. The mother is now struggling with Oxygen support kit whenever the child faces short of breathing.

9. The fact that the Oromia police hijacked Tesfa Belissa and has hidden him from the view of his family created multiple problems and severely affected the psychology of his family and the health of his seven-month-old child. On the other side, the psychological depression he might be facing due to missing his cardiac patient child a week after medication from abroad would not be easy. Dear all, Does the life of this child not matter? Does this government lack concern even for a seven-month-old, cardiac patient child? What can we do about this? Let us leave the judgment to all humankind and call upon the government to act responsibly.


P.S.: Translated into English from Dr. Henok G. Gabisa’s Afaan Oromoo post. Please share it widely