The ODP-ADP coalition is busy appeasing the Ethiopian diaspora community and a few foreign embassies.

The TPLF is still bent on destabilizing the country (although it is acting more defensively now).

SPDM is harrowed by the self-rule demands of its various zones while also doing some political posturing to align themselves with (like Mufriat and co are doing), or against (like Shiferaw and co have been doing), PM Abiy.

As a result, EPRDF as a front, has ignored the people and their demands (despite the populist appeal to the right every now and then). EPRDF is now increasingly self-obsessed, in part because of the narcissistic tendencies of the PM himself and in part because of the challenge of reinventing themselves as a relevant political force in the wake of the Oromo Revolution.

The opposition political parties have reduced themselves into mere cheerleaders of the Prime Minister. Some have benefitted from some fringe powers in the ODP power matrix in Oromia. Others have started taking control of the supposedly nonpartisan institutions such as NEBE, Courts, and (possibly) the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission. Some of them are secretly acting as de facto advisors to the PM & co.

Whatever could be called a group of independent journalists have also become nothing more than court enchantresses.

Almost all activists and ‘independent intellectuals’, except a very precious few, have become opportunists seeking (and often living on) the largesse of the PM and his ODP.

The business class have gone so close to the regime hoping to benefit from the party’s protection in this current context where government is utterly dysfunctional and rule of law is wanting.

Most of the Oromo and Amhara business elites are vying for a place on the right hand side of Abiy and/or Lemma, hoping to replace (and displace) the Tigrayan business elite that had prospered because of its connection and collusion with TPLF.

As a result, the business class could not develop any sensibility about businesses’ social responsibility. In fact, they are trying to use their favoured position with the regime only to enhance their partnership with neo-liberal global forces that leave our farmers dispossessed and even more deprived.

Under these circumstances, it is inevitable that the Qeerroo (and all other progressive forces in the country) will organize themselves into popular political parties that will contend for power, democratize the country, and transform the polity while also addressing the urgent demands of the peoples of Ethiopia.

That’s the next step, perhaps the only logical step.