ORA UK: Emergency Aid for Displaced Oromos

ORA UK: Emergency Aid for Displaced Oromos

Oromo Refugees Fleeing to Kenya

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More than 50,000 Oromos (Source: Oromia Broadcasting Network, citing Moyale Mayor Aschalaw Yohannes), have crossed into Kenya seeking refuge since March 10 2018. The Kenyan Red Cross Society (KRCS) is currently assisting with emergency supplies. The Ethiopian military killed at least 13 civilians without any reason. See reports for further info. 14 others are in Moyale Hospital Kenya receiving treatment for bullet wounds. The Ethiopian military operation may continue to force more refugees to flee to the Kenyan side of Moyale Town.

The Ethiopian government said the civillians were ‘mistakenly’ killed and injured due to faulty intelligence. Read more .

We must act now to relieve this suffering. We need your support to send aid. Together we must assure displaced Oromos, who have fled their homes, that the international community is listening.

Our Organisation 

ORA UK, has been closely following Oromo refugees in the region since 1982. We have contact with Oromo refugees in Kenya, in Kakuma camp and Isley in Nairobi as well as with family members of victims who are resident as refugees in the UK.

ORA has been running an education project for Oromo girl’s living as refugees in Nairobi since April 2012.

We need your support to send emergency aid directly to Kenya

The fleeing Oromos are being housed in schools, churches, mosques, camps in Kenya. The majority of those displaced are women and children. The number includes pregnant and breast feeding women, disabled people, chronically ill and elderly people.

KRCS Upper Eastern Coordinator, Talaso Chucha, has raised the alarm about the desperate situation without security or a monitoring system and due to the scattered locations of the refugees it is difficult to mobilise resources. The lack of amenities have the potential to case major health risks. There is no clean water, food, bedding, or sanitation for these people.

We are raising money to send emergency aid, including blankets, food packs and medical supplies to the Oromos who have fled to Kenya.

It is likely that numbers of people who are forced to leave there homes and cross the boarder will continue to increase.

Please Donate

We urgently need to get items to Kenya. We will be sending a delegate from our organisation to the Marsabit region of Kenya in April 2018 to deliver funds to the region.

Please donate what you can and share widely.

Thank you.

Oromo Relief Association UK

ORA UK is a registered charity no. 284602 working to support Oromo refugees and asylum seekers in the UK and Overseas.