Open Letter to Oromia Police, Special Force, and Members of Ethiopian Defense Force

Open Letter to Oromia Police, Special Force, and Members of Ethiopian Defense Force

From Concerned Group of Oromos in North America, July 19, 2021

Oromia Police

This is a civil war between the Tigray people and the Amhara government using the Abiy regime. The Amhara regional government mass mobilized its people to war against an ethnic minority, the Tigray people. Their activists, political leaders, and elected officials called on all able Amhara to prepare for “final battle” with whatever weapon they possess: machete, spears, knives, etc. If this is not a civil war what is? 

Amhara Militias, Eritrean mercenaries, and Ethiopian Defense Force destroyed Tigray before their humiliating defeat in which thousands of EDF and Amhara Militias surrendered to TDF. The Tigray people suffered and are suffering from mass massacre, rapes, and Abiy-created famine. After being forced by their defeat and declaring unilateral ceasefire as a face saving, the Abiy and Amhara government destroyed Tekeze bridge so that food aid and supplies would not get to the Tigray people. Abiy and Amhara elites are mobilizing for civil war for the second time calling for annihilation of the entire people.  He is trying to dry the ocean to kill all the fishes. They said they will have to dry the ocean in Oromia to fight the Oromo Liberation Army. This war made it abundantly clear that Ethiopia is an Amhara dominated State. It is only in Ethiopia that one ethnic group uses state resources to wage war against another state of the same country. 

Amhara activists are calling on ethnic Amhara members of the army and police to join the Amhara regional government and take orders only from Amhara. The president of the Amhara region, Mr. Agegnehu Temesgen, is heard saying in a video message to activist Tamang Beyene that the responsibility of protecting Ethiopia has fallen on the shoulders of Amhara. He brags about how they turned this into Ethiopia’s war. It is abundantly clear that Ethiopia is run by Amhara elites and this war is not your war.

This war would have been avoided from the beginning. But Abiy and Amhara elites wanted to weaken Tigray and destroy the current multinational Federal system and replace it with the old Amhara domination in Ethiopia.  If they succeed, Nations and Nationalities will be forced to abandon their language, culture, and accept the Amhara language and culture. Submit to assimilation disguised as “Unity”-“Medemer”. 

The Amhara elites and Amhara government grand project does not end in Tigray. They plan to forcefully assimilate all nations and nationalities into Amhara and annihilate those who resist-like they are trying to do in Tigray now. 

In Oromia, Shabia and Amhara Militias are carrying out extrajudicial killings of Oromo youths, women, and elders and raping women.  Abiy Ahmed financed, trained, and armed Amhara militias to dismantle Oromia. He is paying Eritrean mercenaries to kill your people. The Oromo Liberation Army is battling these evil forces to derive them out of Oromia. The Oromo Liberation Front and Oromo Federalist Congruences together with Oromos from all sectors established the Oromia Regional Transitional Government to stop the suffering of your people. Tens of thousands of your people including Oromo political leaders are suffering in Abiy’s incarceration.

Ethiopia is a prison for your people and the nations and nationalities. It is not something to die for to save. It is upon every Oromos to support those who are sacrificing their lives for their people. 

The international community has seen enough and concluded that this regime is the root cause of the instability of the region and the civil war in Ethiopia. The United States sanctioned the country with no travel for government officials, no economic aid, no military aid, and no political cover as they have done for so long. The Ethiopian Defense Force is disintegrating and many of your brothers and sisters are joining the Oromo Liberation Army to save the lives of their fellow Oromo from Amhara Militias, Eritrean mercenaries, and EDF.  

You are Oromia Police and Oromia Special Force, not Amhara Police. Why is it that they have thousands of their Special Forces in Oromia killing your people and you go fight their war?   It is not your duty to fight Amhara’s war. Your responsibility is to safeguard your people and Oromia from Amhara militias and Eritrean mercenaries. 

Finally, at this critical time for your people and Oromia, history will judge you if you do not   stand by your people’s side at this difficult time but die in a war for Amhara domination. 

Our Call for our brothers and Sisters in the Oromia Police and Special Forces, in the military and security apparatus, please join the Oromo Liberation Army and protect your people from the civil war and free them from the yoke Abyssinian domination. This government is collapsing, and it will be history very soon. Amhara militia and government is mobilizing the entire population in the name of “Repeating their forefathers heroism. Their forefathers are the one who massacred your forefathers and conquered your nation into Abyssinia. 







  1. The open letter is a good idea! Could anyone please volunteer to translate it into Oromo & Amharic AND post it on all available platforms?

    “To look does not mean to see!”, as an Oromo saying goes,but we have to TRY all we can, so these ill-informed Oromos with Enemy Uniforms, would WAKE UP AND see that they are being press-ganged into fighting in a War that IS NOT THEIR BUSINESS IN ANY WAY! Though certitude is no certainty, those who will end up on the Front Lines would, practically, be signing their own death warrant! If they don’t become Cannon-Fodders from Tegaru fire from the front, they will be murdered by Amhara Militia Rear Guards, if they try to ‘cut loose and run’ or retreat, I reckon…! It does not hurt to try to save them from becoming a fertilizer in a foreign land!

    In the meantime, Let’s continue to stand with Oromia’s TRUE sons and daughters, Our Oromo Liberation Army Freedom Fighters!!! Forward to an Independent Oromo Republic, Conceived in Liberty, with Freedom for ALL her Citizens!

    Waqaa Gurracha Oromo Walin!

  2. I would like to extend my revered appreciation to all those who refuse to cooperate with all time multi degree murderers,Amhara elites and Prosperity party cadres, and remain gallant and intrepid. To be honest and sincerely describing my feeling regarding those Oromos Defense members and local Oromo militia members who are reportedly killed by their fellow ENDF servile to Col Abiy Ahmed .We owe them a pricelss lives as they gave their lives unwilling to go against TDF and exterminate the People of Tigray.The rest of nations and nationalities should follow their exemplary lives into account and stay away from this genocidal mission. As opposed to the propaganda propagated by anti -Tigrai campaigners, We all Tegaru support and embrace TPLF leaders. Now For us, TPLF is not a political party but a patron and patroness(protector) of Tigrai . It is not about holding the highest political power that we are fight for but protecting ones own people and land to the extent of offerinng onself as a ransom for fellow Tegarus and holy land, Tigray.We all Tegarus, of various walks of lives, distinct educational, religious , political and social background, united and fight against invaders. I am quite perplexed when I hear Amhara elites and their fans unwilling to accept the fcat tha we all Tegarus are one and we support TPLF. There is no reason to support anti-Tigrai campaigners and oppose governing entity of the same origin who protect my people and land against an invaders who have a maleficent standing and alien to our land.

    May Almighty God wreathed a Crown of Martyrs around these men of integrity!

    Tigray and Oromo united and prevailed!!!!!!

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