Open letter to Obbo Alii Birra!!

Open letter to Obbo Alii Birra!

Dear Adeerroo Alii,
I am writing this open letter to congratulate you on your new milestone of your 60th year in show business and your dedication to us all in keeping our language and tradition alive when it was under threat by successive Ethiopian regime. You did it at a great risk to your life and to that of your family when speaking Afaan Oromo was forbidden let alone for singing with it in public for the promotion of the Oromo renascence.
You used your brilliant voice, charisma and the legendary talent to keep the Oromo nation alive when it was so difficult and when many have given up for either fear of prosecution or being killed. You kept us going at our darkest of times and you are an inspiration not only to us Oromo’s, but also to other oppressed peoples in Ethiopia. Your voice for the voiceless has been one of the greatest gift you have given all of us and for that, we thank you sincerely and I hope you live forever and ever.
Dear Adeerroo Alii,
Over the weekend, we have observed a massive celebration in your honor for your lifetime of dedication to our nation. You deserve all the accolades, the praises possible for human being and all the awards of the highest level from the Oromo nation. I am not trying to take away the respects you have received. The problem with this celebration is, it is organized by the very people you spent your entire life fighting against- by the Neo-Nafxanyaa’s and their current mercenaries. The organizers have a clear agenda- to divert attention from the current crisis that is engulfing the Oromo nation. They are doing it at the backdrop of the upcoming sham elections they are organizing to compete against themselves. They are doing it while Jawar Mohammed and tens of thousands of our Oromo compatriots are currently in jail for no crime, but for demanding the basic rights for our people.
Dear Adeerroo Alii,
Countless Oromos and I at home and in the diaspora are extremely disappointed in you for accepting such honor from the enemies of our nation. The Bilxiiginna’s were OPDO’s of the past 30 years whom you know and despise for what they have done to our people in collaboration with the TPLF. Today, the same OPDO with different name “Bixigiinna” are the subservient serving the Nafxanyaa’s to murder our people. The Shimalis, the Taye’s and the Addissu’s and many present at “your celebration” are mercenaries of the Nafxanyaas.
As Jawar once said, the former OPDOs and the current Bilxigiinna’s are incapable of functioning on their own other than being a tool for others to kill their own people. They are holding Jawar Mohammed, whom you called in multiple occasions a “son I never had” is languishing in Qaliti prison for the last seven months and currently on hunger strike endangering his life for our people. The least you could have done when they approached you to celebrate your great achievement would have been a condition to at least release the “son you never had” so that he could celebrate this great day with you, but you did not. You accepted this celebration at the time when our very existence as an Oromo nation is under threat by the eternal enemies of our people- the Nafxanyaas.
Adeerroo Alii, would you think Jawar would be silent if Abiy and his company put you in jail? What happened to you? You are known to be a fearless fighter with your voice and known to easily galvanize millions with simple call for justice. Why is this that you failed to use your voice for your son Jawar? For your nation? How did you let such a celebration in your name and honor go forward while your son is without food for straight 12 days in prison putting his life in great dander for our people? What kind of father are you? How could you let this celebration go on when the cruelty of the current Ethiopian regime against our people reached beyond one can imagine.
Tens of thousands of Oromos are currently languishing in known and unknown concentration camp-like facilities across the country. Last week alone the Abiy regime has killed 52 young kids in your backyard Callanqoo while transporting them to a forceful rally in their support. Millions of Oromos are prosecuted for their determination for courageously seeking freedom, equality and justice. While the celebration in your honor is at its highest gear, the Oromo kids outside are marching in support of the #OromoYellowMovement.
Adeerroo Alii, we are truly heartbroken to see you in celebration mode while your party throwers are practicing their usual work of imprisoning, torturing and killing innocent Oromos. They have blood in their hand. They killed your other son Hacaalluu Hundeessa and they are pulling you in and many others at the celebration to their side. Nevertheless, rest assured, we will fight them to the bitter end and we have no choice. Abiy’s neo-nafxanyaa dictatorial regime will eventually end, but the actions of many at the “celebration will be remembered. What is unfolding against our people in the last year has reached the point of no return. Those watching from the sidelines or celebrating while our leaders are in prison on hunger strike risking their life for their people and watching young kids being murdered for just cause will be left to be judged by history and it will not be kind.
Dear Adeerroo Alii,
When I write you this open letter, I am by no means meant to disrespect you or to publicly shame you. We think of you the world; you are our everything; you were and still is our inspirations to the 50 million plus Oromos and others for whom you lend your voice and your legacy will live on for thousands of years. All I am doing is to let you aware of the sinister plans of Neo-Nafxanyaa group currently occupying the offices of our government. They built statutes for Mililik and Haile Selassie.
They are glorifying these murderers. They cannot claim to care for our people while putting us through the hells and murdering the future generations. It is not too late for you to speak up and do what you can for Jawar, for Bekele, for Hamza, for Abdii, for Shamsudin, and for tens of thousands of other Oromo prisoners of conscience. Go visit them in Qaliti and become their voice at this difficult time. The “son you never had” is dying in prison.
He is not only the son you never had; he is once in a generation kind of leader the Oromo nation has produced. We are counting on you, Adeerroo Alii. Use your voice and do not let the criminal company of mercenaries Abiy, Taye, Addissu and Shimalis taint your great name, trick you, and fell in their bloody hand. The great Desmond Tutu once said, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of oppressor”.
With much love and respect!
Redwan Hamza