Open letter to international community

Open letter to international community

Currently, a nationwide protest started in Oromia mainly involving road blockages and protesting starting from 21 November, 2020, to request:
1) Immediate release of all Oromo politicians (more than estimated 120,000 people in prisons) including influential political figures like Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba, Abdi Regassa, etc.
2) Stop the war on Oromia and Tigray region, and the mass arrests and killings in Oromia and across Ethiopia.
3) Immediate withdrawal of military and security forces from Oromia and Tigray region.
4) Immediate resignation of the PM Abiy Ahmed
5) Starting of a national dialogue lead by independent international body to form a transitional government which all parties involved.
We kindly request international organisations to take the necessary precautions and measures in regard to travel plans across Oromia and Ethiopia.
We also extend our call again to international organisations to put the necessary pressures on the current government to meet the above demands.

Freedom, Equality and Democracy for all!!

Baankiin Biiyolessaa Itoophiyaa accountii Tigray kessaati banaman hundaa cufuu beeksiseera. Dhimmi kun dhimma TPLF balleessuu qofa natti hin fakkaatu dhimma sanyii duguugaa ta’uu hin oolle.
WBO n har’aa bilisummaaf bosoona jiru osoo waa qabaate nutiis akka oromooti beelan dhumuun keenya hin oolu turee.
Obsa siinif yaa keennu waaqayyoo!

This thoughtless and destructive war has already led to a “full-scale humanitarian crisis”, according to the UN, and the prosperity party cabal is still promoting the Orwellian narrative that they are enforcing the law – by bombing their own people from the skies.
End this war. There is no excuse for it. A Nobel Peace Laureate must rule out war as an instrument for achieving a political objective.

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