Open Letter to Oromia Regional State President Obbo Lammaa Magarsaa

Open Letter to Oromia Regional State President Obbo Lammaa Magarsaa

Dear President Lammaa,
ESAT propaganda machine has announced it has selected you as its Man of The Year. While it is my strong belief you and your team have done superb job reforming EPRDF, ending the Eritrea-Ethiopia conflict and expanding Ethiopia’s political space and deserve the Nobel Prize for your accomplishments, I believe more strongly that an award you get from ESAT is an insult and not an honor.

As you you know quite well, the G-7 affiliated ESAT has been waging propaganda campaign against Oromo since its establishment and it is trying to incite ethnic conflicts in Ethiopia with an ultimate goal of creating animosity between Oromos and other peoples in Ethiopia. Just last week, G-7 Chairman Dr. Berhanu Nega sent a covert order to his supporters to attack Oromo businesses and educational establishments and his followers heard it on ESAT-TV and implemented it within hours by vandalizing Oromia International Bank, Cooperative Bank of Ethiopia, General Tadesse Birruu School and Rift Valley University located in Finfnnee.

Dear President Lammaa,
I would like to bring to your attention also that ESAT aired a fake video of massacre in Congo with Afaan Oromo sound track from #OromoProtests to incite violence between Oromo and Somali communities and many Oromos were killed and thousands were displaced from their homes as direct and immediate consequence of that airing. ESAT has also conducted partisan reporting during the conflict in Hawasa causing loss of lives and property.

Clearly, ESAT stands against the righteous values you stand for. Its political agenda is aimed backwards and not to the future. I therefore plead to you to turn down the award and tell ESAT propagandists to stop vilifying Oromos and inciting ethnic conflicts in Ethiopia.


I am not the author, and the letter intended to be shared by anyone who oppose ESAT hate propaganda against Oromo ppl.
Thank you

Via Chali Ensermu Beyene

ESAT Eletawi Tue 18 Sep 2018

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