ONN: Hiriira Ummatta Oromoo Australia, Melbourne ti Ta’aa jiru

ONN: Hiriira Ummatta Oromoo Australia, Melbourne ti Ta’aa jiru

ONN: Gurraandhala 17,2020-Hidhaa
Dargaggoo Abdii Fiqaaduu maatiin isaa keessaa namni duraa boqotee/Lubbuun darbinaan awwaallachuuf lafa hojii isaatii gara maatiitti galaa osoo jiru, guyyaa kaleessaa Gurraandhala 16,2020 “ati miseensa ABO ti!” jechuun Horroo Guduruu ona Haratootti qabanii hidhanii jiru. Amma akka odeessi nu ga’etti mana hiraarsaa magaalaa Haratoo jiraachuudha.

Isa dabalatee magaalaa Hatatoo keessa Oromoon 80 ol ABO dha jedhamuun hidhamanii akka jiranis nuu gabaasan!

“Ethiopia is sliding backwards under Abiy Ahmed! Under this government, protesters have been jailed, the internet has been blocked… I know this for a fact, university students have been killed and a new law has just been passed that could jail people whose online posts stir ‘so called’ unrest. However, Mr Lencho Bati, a senior adviser to the office of the prime minister, says the government of Abiy has done nothing wrong. I could not disagree anymore. It is time to call out the fake and phony profiting from the continued instability.” Urgé Dinegde

(17/02/2020. Melbourne) Melbourne’s Oromo community rallied on February 17 as part of Oromo Solidarity March Against Ethiopian government brutal acts.

Demonstrators marched from Victorian Parliament to Federation Square, where community leaders spoke of unity in the face of oppression.

“We’re not afraid to stand together”

They call for the Oromo people’s right to self-determination. “Oromos love peace; we’re for Peace!”

“We have to stand in solidarity with our Oromo people and reject killing with one clear voice.” #NoKillingOromo