Only Unconditionally Agreeing To A Peaceful All-Inclusive Transitional System In Ethiopia

Only Unconditionally Agreeing To A Peaceful All-Inclusive Transitional System In Ethiopia Resolves an Increasingly Dangerous Precedence- Not Declaring War On Tigray Or Oromia.
November 21, 2020, By Denboba Natie, Edinburgh, Scotland
I. Background
The Ethiopia’s regime is staying on power out with the constitutional mandate after its terms in office has expired on October 5th 2020. This regime has decided to cling onto power using Covid-19 pandemic as an excuse although the reality is unionists’ wish to facilitate power consolidation strategy by dismantling and distancing all the federalist forces with ultimate objective on restoring the old monarch system where nations and citizens become the relegated tools. Since the 5th of October 2020, Ethiopia has become a lawless country where military junta led by the former PM Colonel Abiy Ahmed commits crimes including the current illegal war declared on Tigray forging an alliance with the foreign country, the crime that is regarded as treason.
The struggle of the subjugated south against 27 years oppression led by the Oromo youth (Qeerroo and Qaarree) supported by the rest of nations and peoples between the end 2014 and 2017 has brought the former dictator regime known as EPRDF to its knees at the end of 2017 to culminate in a new transitional hope. In early 2018 EPRDF’s cadres minus the founder of the EPRDF, Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) stepped in and grabbed the dearly earned win of the oppressed nations by confessing that they all were engaged in state-terrorism- but now regret for their part in the crimes by vowing to navigate the transitional plan to allow a proper democratic system to take its course.
II. Former PM, Abiy Ahmed’s and Unionists’ Plot Disguising Their True Colour
There were groups of EPRDF’s cadres who have pretended to be supporting the Oromo led revolution. These groups of EPRDF’s cadres are called Team Lama simply because Obbo Lama Magarssa (who was recently ditched by dictator colonel Abiy) was officially regarded as a bridging figure between the two largest nations of the country, namely the Amhara and Oromo. Oboo Lama has officially declared the concept of ‘Ethiopian-ness’ as being addiction from which its subjects cannot emancipate themselves from – heralding the end to the ongoing suspicion between the indicated nations although his attempt has short lived. Colonel Abiy Ahmed from within the EPRDF’s cadres who has got hidden individual ambition with narcissist tendency grabbed the power by promising to remedy all pain his own party has inflicted on the subjects. Sadly, his promise only short lived when he has embarked on the worst dictatorial project unseen before in the empire by officially declaring that he is selected by God to restore the glory of an old Ethiopia. Paradoxically, the system he promises to restore is regarded by the entire nations of the Empire to be brutal, inhumane and relegating feudal system that is unfit for the 21st century.
2.1. Colonel Abiy Ahmed’s and his Unionists Action in Reality
Besides, Colonel PM Abiy Ahmed’s government supported by the unionist cliques surrounding his palace continually plotted and committed dozens of coordinated crimes in various parts of Ethiopia since he has assumed power on April 02, 2018. With his advisers he masterminds and stage manages crimes of varying magnitudes but always puts the blame on Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), TPLF and on the rest of political organisations with ambition for genuine self-rule in his futile attempt to justify his regime’s malicious plan on harassing, silencing, arresting and eliminating the alleged groups. Therefore, due to state masterminded and unionist stage managed unrests since mid-2018, millions eternally displaced and the unrest is engulfing the empire. Moreover, tens of thousands of civilians were executed including high profile assassinations by the direct orders of Colonel PM Abiy’s regime. Hundreds of thousands of Oromo, Sidama, Gambella, Benshangul and the rest nations’ people were arrested and to date remain imprisoned. In Oromia and Benshangul Gumuz in particular, Abiy’s regime has repeatedly committed crimes against humanity and to date committing- flagrantly violating the constitutional rights of these nations.
III. Tigray’s Election, PM and His Unionists Attack on Citizens with Foreign Forces
Meanwhile, the Tigray regional state has decided to uphold a constitutional prerogative by conducting an election before the expiration of the constitutional mandate on 5th of October 2020 to become the only federated state in Ethiopia that is legally operating as per the will of its constituents. The election conducted in Tigray has not only unpleased the current illegally staying PM and the entire unionist blocks surrounding him; but also this has outraged them simply because their ultimate goal is dismantling the constitution to bury the aspiration of nations and peoples in Ethiopia to self-rule once and for all. Therefore, the illegally operating regime forging alliance with the foreign forces is attacking the national regional state of Tigray- causing incalculable human and material damages. Moreover, tens of thousands of Ethiopian youth from both sides are unnecessarily sacrificing their lives to satisfy heinous interests of narcissist colonel PM and his short sighted Ethiopianists.
The PM with the unionist blocks has conspired with the foreign elements to attack the citizens of the country in his daring violations of the sovereign rights of Ethiopia. Foreign army with the Ethiopian’s national army is attacking Tigray from the northern and eastern front whilst the unionist former PM has assigned the Ethiopia’s over 100,000 national army with militias on the southern and Western Tigray fronts. Public infrastructures including universities and churches in Tigray region were targeted and destroyed by the National air forces bombing these infrastructures including Tekeze hydroelectric power substations to leave Tigray under a total darkness in addition to cutting off all the internet connections to Tigray since the beginning of the war on November 04, 2020.
IV. Colonel Abiy’s Obligatory Demonstrations In Support Of His Illegal War
Colonel Abiy’s regime is therefore intensifying war on Tigray nation using its illegal party known as Exclusive Prosperity Party or Prosperity Party (EPP/PP) whose objective is unclear apart from reversing thus far achieved gain on multi-nationalism back to an early 1960s scenario. EPP/PP’s leader is also forcing nations and peoples of the country to stage on for an obligatory war supporting demonstrations in various parts of Ethiopia. The demonstrations are often organised by colonel Abiy’s PP agents of various nations. As part of this obligatory missions of the illegal regime; the Sidama’s Abiy regime installed PP’s cadres in a dearly earned Sidama state have coordinated the so called Abiy’s war on Tigray support demonstration on the 10th of November 2020. The Sidama nation however is not part of the war and never condones an illegal and immoral war declared by the unionist PM on Tigray and Oromo nations.
During the indicated obligatory demonstration, we did not see the sign of ‘Sidamaness’. The demonstration was planned and stage managed by Abiy’s handpicked Sidama cadres; the quislings who have no right to support the illegal war on behalf of our gallant nation as doing so is not compatible with the nation’s beliefs and values. In fact, the Sidama nation never allows the reversal of a little gain thus far achieved by supporting unionists and their PM. Therefore, the participants were mainly ‘Neftegna’ remnants living in Sidama soil and those immoral groups bought with the money including those who were taken to Tigray to unnecessarily sacrifice their lives and also kill innocent citizens of the region. Additionally, the Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice (EZEMA former Ginbot-7) ultra-unionist and right wing party whose leaders with the former PM are masterminding the entire unrests in Ethiopia have coordinated this in Sidama land using reckless Sidama cadres and SEPDM’s remnants led by the unionist Mufriat Kamil, the Sidama’s infamous quisling Shiferaw Shigute, the former PM, Hailemariam Desalegn in addition to the current immoral Abiy’s Sidama cadres.
V. Conclusion
Therefore, the illegal war declared on Tigray and Oromia nations must be condemned with the strongest possible terms thus demand the war to be unconditionally stopped. The is the war declared on Tigray Nation by the Ethiopian Unionist Forces Allied with the Foreign Dictator, Isayas Afeworki whose national army is attacking the Ethiopia’s citizens in Tigray and Oromia. We also deplore Sidama vilifying project that portrays our moral nation as supporting the death and destruction of its brother federalist nations in Tigray and Oromia. We strongly condemn the subservience of the Sidama’s PP cadres led by the region’s Abiy installed president Desta Ledamo (who is known for consistently selling the interest
of the Sidama nation during his entire political life) and his criminal accomplice – the region’s security head, Alemayehu Timotewos (an ethnic Wolayta raised in Sidama land known for implementing anti-Sidama project in Sidama land for the last at least 10 years); and the recently submitted SLM’s worst quislings.
We demand them to immediately stop their anti-Sidama project instead returning to the Sidama values on its belief in nations’ and people’s rights to self-determination. Although we are aware of the fact- the Sidama’s corrupt cadres are selected to do the unionists malicious homework in Sidama’s dearly earned state to silence the Sidama people; besides we urge them to stop their alliance with the unionist PM and his dangerous project. Therefore, we officially declare that the PM’s Sidama cadres and their SLM egoist former leaders working with the Sidama PP are the enemies of our current and future generation. Therefore, these selfish cowards must be unanimously rejected.
Once again, we reiterate that only unconditionally agreeing to a peaceful and all-inclusive transitional System in Ethiopia Resolves Pernicious conflicts, not a reckless war declared on Tigray or Oromo nations. The federalist Forces of Ethiopia must support the people of Tigray by wholly rejecting Abiy’s regime, his unionist agenda and the infiltration of foreign country in the Ethiopian affairs to attack the citizens of the country. We also urge nations and peoples to assert the fact that, the current war on Tigray is the war declared on entire federalist forces that all nations and peoples must repudiate and fight against. It must be unambiguous that Abiy’s regime is fighting to restore unionist system that has historically enslaved the entire nations in Ethiopia.
Finally, we urge the ongoing war that has continued in Tigray and Oromia to be immediately stopped. All political prisoners including high profiles in Oromia, Sidama, Benshangul and elsewhere must be unconditionally released.
Finally, we send our deepest condolences to the families of colonel former PM Abiy’s war victims in Tigray, Oromia and on various nations including the recent Amhara civilians targeted executions by Colonel Abiy’s and his unionist apparatuses to put the blame on OLF and TPLF a day before waging war on Tigray nation.
November 21, 2020- by Denboba Natie, Edinburgh, Scotlan