One of the enduring & debilitating political miscalculations of TPLF’s EPRDF was believing its own lies that a certain OPDO was a political party

One of the enduring & debilitating political miscalculations of #TPLF‘s #EPRDF was believing its own lies that a certain #OPDO was a political party enough to administer the whole of #Oromia.
PM Abiy was part of that costly miscalculation, a legacy he continued through his Prosperity Party coterie.
Taking cue from the bygone era’s order, PP has either jailed or disappeared members of two formidable opposition political parties, OLF & OFC, parties which could’ve played a significant role in stabilizing Oromia by cutting though its complicated fault lines, including religion.
But the two parties have hundreds of their offices out of use, including OLF’s HQ, which remains out of reach for its leaders. And those that the ruling PP didn’t jail, it has corrupted through state rent & fragmented & weakened the parties (adding to their own internal schism).
Now, leaders & members of OLF & OFC who are in jail including Jawar Mohammed, are in hunger strike since 2 weeks demanding, among others, the release of political prisoners. Instead of addressing this potentially crippling turn of event, the ruling PP has turned into EPRDF’s quintessential strategy: arrest more; harass & silence activists. There are now growing calls for region-wide return to the streets. Expect more of the same.
Oromia is on edge, & if there is one lesson from EPRDF’s bygone era, it’s that it takes more than one party to calm it.

By (Tsedale Lemma)

Lola naannoo Tigraay Update❗
Naannoo Tigraay keessatti lolli jalqabe akkuma itti fufetti jira.Gurraandhala 02 fi 03/2013 akka xoophiyaatti bakkeewwan adda addaatti lolli wal irraa hin citne gaggeeffamaa ture. Haala kanaanis Wuqroo, Abbi Addii, Timbeen Raamaa keessatti lola guyyoottan lamaan kana keessatti deemsifameen waraana xoophiyaa irraa namni 307 yoo ajjeefamaan Loltoota Eertiraa irraa immoo namni 237 ajjeefamuun mirkanaa’ee jira. Miseensotni RIB yeroo ammaa baayinni isaanii hedduu kan xiqqaate yoo tahu, fedhiin dargaggootni dhiigaa fi lubbuu isaaniin garboomsaa tiksan waan dhibeef PPn dhiphina guddaa keessatti argamti.Hagara Salaam yeroo ammaa tohannaa TPLF jala kan galte yoo tahu, loltootni Eertiraa hatattamaan Tigraay keessaa akka bahan akeekkachiifamanis beenyaa malee hin baanu jechuun karaa dubbataa fi gorsaa isaanii Yemaanee GebreAb beeksisanii jiran. Sudaanis lafa dabalataa qabachaa jiraachuu fi kutaan waraanaa 22ffaa kan Itoophiyaa gara daangaa geeffamuus gabaasuun keenya ni yaadatama.
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