On the Self-Administration of Oromia and Other States in Ethiopia: Language, Land, Political Parties, and Military

On the Self-Administration of Oromia and Other States in Ethiopia: Language, Land, Political Parties, and Military

Land-grab in Oromia

A number of human lives sacrificed to decolonize oneself in Oromia and most part of Ethiopia. Peoples choose for self-administration with freedom.

1. Language

Each of the nations and nationalities was historically using the Amharic language as a national language in Ethiopia with no justification. Amharic has negligible or negative merit for other states, except it is a mother tongue for Amhara ethnic group.  Amhara people have the freedom to continue using the Amharic language, but other nations and nationalities resisted to divest from this language.

The first option for Oromia is now to avoid the Amharic as the call for bilingual yet derecognized.

The second option is to adopt Afaan Oromo to be national in the first place. Then, after this adoption, ratify deliberation whether to employ these two dialects. Otherwise this option orderly happen now, eliminate the Amharic from Oromia.

Third, Afaan Oromo need to replace Amharic for federal language because the population of Oromo exceeds the Amhara peoples and the economic worthiness of Afaan Oromo exceeds the Amharic. If counterfeited arguments on these points, just, Oromo doesn’t need Amharic for whatever reasons.

The last alternative is to use the English Language. Then, each state has a choice of their local language.

Action oriented until national consensus reaches on federal language:

  • Any media in Oromia is advisable to cease the Amharic language,
  • Any institution, Organization, School, University need to stop using the Amharic language in Oromia,
  • Stop using service from any business  in Oromia which use the Amharic,
  • Write a letter to various Governments stating two facts: 1) the Amharic has a colonizing objective on Oromo and, 2) this language has no, negative or negligible importance for Oromo.

2. Land

Freeriding on-land will free-ride on human being just as converting of fertile land to residential place deprives production of crops and livestock that, then, aggravate poverty! There are though several infertile and barren lands which suitable for building constructions! There are limited fertile lands in the country. You will see this effect of improper land use as peoples were destructing forests, but now you are planting trees with the uncertainty of afforestation for years to come, because there is no accountability either inconsistency to look after of those planted trees.

Urban plan and land expansion around Finfinne complicated administration of land. The constitution is critical but, strictly, that being ignored.

Action oriented suggestion for Finfinne Land:

  • Each region should administer their land which falls within their geographical boundary
  • Afterwards, stop offering any parcel of land for building construction around Finfinne but use the land for agriculture only,
  • Any Finfinnee land must be administered by Oromia,
  • Owned by Oromia, the federal government and Oromia regional government use the land of Finfinne which recognized in the year of 1991 in the center of Finfinne

3. Political Parties

Political parties, government or oppositions, are crumbling in Finfinnee. Futilely, the Amhara political parties are spinning their wheel by driving their motives to nowhere. Amhara region is not in Finfinne. If they want to represent Amhara, just like other regions, they would be better off in the Amhara region. Spinning the wheel is unproductive to intervene politically in the Oromia region even if they are dependent on Oromo and Oromia.

4. Military

One country has one military force when people allowed using their choice of language, administered their specific regional land and stationed political parties at their region.

However, at this time, there are systematically regionalized military forces to refute recolonization of one region over the other. The regionalized military forces have stood for the truth. They do not deserve any attack nor rebuke. When the government fixes language, land and political parties’ issues, there will be one military force for the country. Unsolving these issues will disintegrate the country.

Disclaim: The above points, each and every contents of the whole are solely the opinion of an individual who wrote this and signified below. It doesn’t represent any other entity at all except a single individual.

ANF, August 22, 2019