On PM Abiy Ahmed’s “ሸገርን ማስዋብ” project

On PM Abiy Ahmed’s “ሸገርን ማስዋብ” project
For the record, I do not support Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s so called “ሸገርን ማስዋብ” project. I believe the fourty-billion-birr-project (that is about half of the initial budget of what’s now known as the “Grand Renaissance Dam”) is a misplaced investment on a long privileged city, Finfinne, already over congested with mega-scale investments from both the private and public sectors. Plus, the project would displace some 20K residents along the river bank and that isn’t a small number of people as some friends who support the project claim.

But be that as it may, I think one thing may likely happen as “after effect” of this project— that such a huge amount of money pumped onto the already over privileged city in the name of “river bank development project” would exacerbate the the already skyrocketing living cost for the ordinary Ethiopian residents of the city. Perhaps, I might be among the cohorts who would be knocked out of the city because of this projects’ “after effect”. I’d retreat to my Adama if that’s for sure to happen

The PM would have done us all a favor, also for his own self, if he tries to prioritize dealing with our urgent problems including shortage of vital utilities like electricity, and also peace and security.

Girma Gutema

#MaasterPlan‘n keessan guyyaa 1f dhaabbatee hinbeeku!

Falmattee bakka siif malu hin geessu taanaan,Yooma Oromoon maaloo baruma Wayyaanee nuf wayya ture yoo hin jedhiin hafe arraba koo irraa rifeensa buqqisaa.

Suuraan kun Finfinnee Boolee Bulbulaadha.Ijoolleen ABN mana iratti ijaaranna jedhanii qonnaan bulaa Oromoo irraa lafa dirqamaan saamaa jiru.waldhabbii kanaaf qaamni dirmate hin jiru!!!!

Baruma Wayyaaneyyu OPDOtu seera dahaattee Shanashanee kennaa ture malee akka ammaa kana Oromoon tuffatamee humnaan irraa hin saamamne.

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  1. Well, it may not be a bad idea if the PM indirectly taxes the few, who emptied public purses and became financially rich, to fund any projects. Of course, the issue of priority should not be forgotten by the government when financing public projects.

    “Girma Gutema”, if the above comment might have been made by the young public intellectual (Girma Gutema, whom I watched on OMN GRD programmes a couple of times), I would like to alert you just to one point. You must not plan to retreat to Adama if you are pushed out of Finfinne by circumstances. The great Oromo people shall stand up to any attempts to dispossess them of their ancestral home. Since both Adama and Finfinne are Oromo lands, you have the choice to reside in both cities or choose one as your home city. However, please, beware that your comments may influence other Oromos to retreat while our enemies are claiming our ancestral land, Finfinne. The most valuable thing that every Oromo must do is to organise themselves and ascertain the return of Finfinne to its rightful owners, the Oromo people. Retreating is a taboo for the Oromo people who have sacrificed their bright children to affirm their abbabiyuumma. Oromo intellectuals who have access to media must know the power they have to influence public opinions, and take extra care with their comments. Girma, my dear brother, I understand that your casual comment of ‘retreating’ might be an innocent joke, and I am not trying to criticize you. Nevertheless, you must understand that your roles in GDR has given you some influential status, and the public may take you serious. Please, consider my comment as a constructive advice from older brobther who is positively sensing your potential (just by watching you on GDR). I have great aspirations for you and other young Oromo intellectuals because I believe that the future of our people is in the hands of our younger generations, including you.

    Best wishes

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