OMN-We are equal to Professor Marara-Seattle WA

OMN-We are equal to Professor Marara-Seattle WA

Me talking to SABC’s THE GLOBE program on the US sanctions
The US government has imposed heavy sanctions on Ethiopia. The sanctions include the leaders of the Amhara regional government and the Tigrean and Eritrea officials.

Amhara Activist Daniel Kibret’s speech About Tigray People 9/18/2021

ODUU hatataama Naannoo Oromiyaa magaalaa Finfinnee irraa Ammaa nu gahee, September

OMN: ዕለታዊ ዜና(Sep,18, 2021)

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  1. Abiy and Amara elites have an army of foreign Agents mainly in the UK, Russia, China, Turkey, and the US. These agents have been paid staggering amount of money (by Amhara elites and Prosperity party leaders by stealing hard-earned riches of Ethiopians , and extracting gold from Ethiopian soil. So it is the case of dogs protecting their feeders. These agents have supported the evil Amhara militia, Abiy and his party Prosperity party for quite long time. Mr Graham Peebles is one of these crooks. He must be prosecuted in trial for war crimes and the genocide in Tigray and Oromia ; he is supporting the genociders and justifying the killings of innocent civilians in all his articles. by Mr Graham Peebles posted on September 18, 2021 at the

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