OMN video showing when government forces fired and killed the cousin of the prominent Oromo singer,

OMN video showing when government forces fired and killed the cousin of the prominent Oromo singer, #HaacaaluuHundeessaa two weeks ago.

A lady can be heard saying: “Wayinee wayinee Abiyitu nu nyaate” “Abiyitu nu nyaate”- Translation: “Abiy played us” “Abiy betrayed us”

The singer’s body was in his parent’s house. Gov’t security showed up armed to take the body of the singer. Family and neighbors didn’t want to let them take away the body of their son.

It’s in fact uncertain time for Oromo and Ethiopia. We are not sure how things are unfolding for the poor country.


OMN releases new footage where crowd is confronted by security forces and gun shots are heard during recent unrest

[WARNING This post contains graphic images that may be disturbing to viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.]


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  1. Oromo, qeerroo and qarree:

    Take serious note. The anti-Oromo enemies are repeating their cruel violence on our people undeterred. The current Ethiopian neo-naftagna regime, spearheaded by the gantuu and galtuu gangsters, is more dangerous to the Oromo people than any previous Ethiopian regimes. Every Oromo, young or old, weak or strong, poor or rich, educated or otherwise, diaspora or at home, in opposition or within government must fight this extremely vicious existential threat. Particularly, those who have taken the burden of leading our people out of the danger posed by the anti-Oromo naftagna and neo-naftagna must understand that they are being entrusted with exceptional responsibility of leading 60 million Oromo plus numerous Ethiopian nations to safety.

    Exceptionally high level of leadership capable of galvanizing and utilizing every possible resources, including Oromo human and material resources as well as carefully selected and sought alliances is essential. Quality leadership is Essential while careful management of the struggle is also a necessity!

    Oromo, qeerroo and qarree: remember that you have just cause and truth on your hands and also possess immense potential to free yourselves from your inferior subjugators. You must defend yourselves; essentially, WOB’s actions in response to the regime’s violence against our unarmed society must reach every corner of the country and shake the fascist regime at its core. There must be resounding retributions for the violence which the Ethiopian regime is conducting against our people. It is only when you take convincing actions of self-defense that the regime will kneel down. Make your presence felt; make yourselves heard; make your just cause and truth weigh more than the unjust practices of the Ethiopian neo-naftagna regime. Mediocrity must be taboo in your ranks and file! Be rest assured that the sky is NOT the limit to your destiny as a great nation if you keep your eyes on your inalienable objective, freedom, and act in unison.

    Oromia shall be free!

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