OMN: Oduu Guyyaa (Mudde 07, 2019)Finfine (Addis Ababa)

OMN: Oduu Guyyaa (Mudde 07, 2019)Finfine (addis ababa)

Finfine (addis ababa)
The politics over Finfine (addis ababa) has the hallmark of social, political economic and environmental justice In several ways.

Changing its indigenous name from Finfine to addis ababa masks the story of conquest, robery of land from its legal owners, and coercive politics to chang the names of indigenous places to new names like “addis ababa,” or the “new flower.” Such a naming of places with the conquerer’s language deepens cultural denomination of one side. It sends a clear message that the old name was inferior and not good enough for the dawn of the civilization brought by the conquest.

Naming conqured land with new names also erases an entire history of a living people.

The debate over Finfine (addis abab) obviously has social and environmental justice in that uncontrolled sprawl of the city annexes farming land thus expriorating rural ownsrship on behalf of urban consumption. This reminds indegenous masses the feudal era.

Environmentally speaking, annexing farming land to the city is not sustainable and it is the worst type of urbanization. The last master plan drawn by EPRDF was an intentional instrument to expropriate Oromo, put millions of acres of land into the hands of urban consumption, and severely degrade pristine environment outside the city.

Finfine (addis ababa) needs a master plan that is people-centered plan and a plan that serves all of the residents of the city without annexing adjacent farming lands.

~By Faisal Roble