OMN: Oduu Galgalaa (Caamsaa 27, 2019)

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OMN: Oduu Galgalaa (Caamsaa 27, 2019)

A third year student from Shire Endasillassie, Tigray regional state, was reportedly stoned down to death by a mob at Debre Markos University yesterday, in what appears to be an attack meant for retribution against Tigreans. This is a heart breaking act of limitless savagery, to say the least. It has been a while since such lawlessness started reigning in Amhara regional state, and the regional govt couldn’t provide security for Ethiopian citizens who hail from other parts of the country.

Universities are federal funded institutions. The federal govt should therefore either deploy its own security forces in its Universities across the Amhara region to provide security and safety or else see the students off, as appropriate.

Via: Girma Gutema

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