OMN: Must Listen -ጋዲሳ ራባዶሪ: የጊዜው ሁኔታና የሽግግሩ አቅጣጫዎች(FEB,16,2019)

OMN: Must Listen ጋዲሳ ራባዶሪ: የጊዜው ሁኔታና የሽግግሩ አቅጣጫዎች(FEB,16,2019)

“Walii galtee Asmaraa sana yoo shaarre ta’e barcumni kun na hinbaatin!” Jedhe peresedaantiin Oromiyaa Obbo Lammaa Magarsaa har’a Begiitti!

“WBO’n qabsoo kanaaf qaama aarsaa kaffalaa turedha maaliif murtii tokkorra waa’eesaa gahuu diddan? jedhee uummatni gaafannaan deebisuu fii didan”

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  1. I sent this open letter

    ‎Feb‎ ‎14 at ‎1‎:‎12‎ ‎AM

    Open letter to Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Gerba

    Please, stop sabotaging Oromo’s struggle by not facilitating the fake peace deal which you know will put Oromos in Abiy’s fascist-ethiopian concentration camps. A peace deal between Oromia and ethiopia without the presence of a third or fourth party, preferably UN, which you know will be reneged by abiy like his predecessor did in 1992 is a cynical disregard to the loss of Oromian life.

    We Oromos were never ethiopians we would never be one. Ethiopians consider themselves semetic where as we are cushitic people. Semetic and cushitic people are two totally different people that have nothing in common other than ruler and subject relationship.

    I feel sorry for you two for entangling yourselves in amara+tigree mythical tale of ethiopian. Ethiopia is uncivilized colonial power which keeps pulling all its colonies into misery and backwardness, turning paradise Oromia into the hell on the earth. This ethiopiawinet sus lemma and abiy are addicted to is not good for your health. Stop smoking, chewing or swallowing it. Leave ethiopia for ethiopians and embrace your Oromoness without additional ethiopiawinet attached to it.

    I hereby plead to Jawar to tighten his own belt than untie it as he said he would and not demand our brave and selfless OLA fighter disarm. Our great people deserve freedom and a formidable armed fighters to put to an end to Abiy’s fascist ethiopian agression. Instead, please help, force fascist ethiopia withdraw its brutal security and agazi-military from Oromia than engage in disarming your own kin Oromos who live under fascist-occupation. Please help to force fascist ethiopia release true Oromo daughters and sons it imprisoned all over Oromia, specially the OLF members and sympathizers who are fighting for our common causes than encourage abiy and lemma pursue fascist-ethiopian colonialism. Unlike abiy and team lemma, we are not glory seekers who would threaten our African neighbours to revive the mythical amara+tigre tale of the none-existent ethiopian glorious empire.

    Watch the clip below to see haile-selassie’s subjects on the video which Abiy and lemma wants us to return to.

    if you don’t have time, please watch (0-3:00; 9:00-13:00)

    read also
    Unlike abiy and team lemma, you’ll hate associating yourselves with ethiopian colonialism.

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