OMN- Irreecha 2021– Dhaamsa obbo Dinquu Dayyaasaa

OMN- Irreecha 2021– Dhaamsa obbo Dinquu Dayyaasaa (Fulbaana 30, 2021)

The Oromia Liberation Front OLF has presented red cap soldiers whose number is 14 thousand soldiers have been arrested for training in the Oromia territory on 26 September.

Hawi Temam – Jabeeffadhu – ( Official Video 2021 )

Oduu Fuul. 30, 2021

Oduu Fulbaana 30,2021- Eebba WBO Zoonii Kibbaatti rifachuun PPn Basaastota Bobbaasun dhagahame

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  1. Obbo Dinquu Dayyaasaa’

    Know that thousands of us are aware of the heavy price you have paid for standing with your people! You will always be respected, appreciated, and celebrated way outside the circle of the familiar people you already know! That shows the kind of influence and respect your love for your people has earned you; so you can take some solace in it, in lieu of the unfair treatment meted out to you by Abiy’s brutal Nafxagna state!

    There are some of us who have sufficient capital to invest in an Independent and Sovereign Oromo Republic; and there are some of us who are looking forward to helping build our country with the specialized skills we posses! In all of these endeavors, your guidance and mentoring will be invaluable, so please stay healthy and safe because an Independent and Sovereign Oromo Republic will NEED you!

    With love and respect!

    Baga Ayyaana Irreecha Nagaan Waliin Geenyee!

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