OMN Horn Oduu (FULBAANA 27, 2021)

OMN Horn Oduu (FULBAANA 27, 2021)

Qophii Addaa – Eebba WBO Zoonii Kibbaa irratti Viidiyoo Addaa PP Mata dhukkubsu jiru


  1. OMN,

    A great news report!

    Your footage of the graduation ceremony of Oromo Liberation Army fighters above sends a clear message to the OPDO/PP messengers of an armed Amhara Settler State: their propaganda AND smear campaign against the Oromo Liberation Army is FAILING! The Oromo people are ENTIRELY behind their sons and daughters of the OLA!

    How else can you train these many young fighters in the middle of the Gujii/Borana zone, under the nose of OPDO/PP Cadres, Ethiopian State spies, and Oromia Regional State “Security” forces in the service of their Nafxagna masters?

  2. OMN,

    Truly wonderful to see! The Oromo people EVERYWHERE are STANDING by their sons and daughter of the Oromo Liberation Army!

    Those PP agents and Cadres, targeting our people daily to serve the armed Amhara Neftegna State, will not succeed in saving the Empire from appropriate dismantling! We the Oromo people WILL soon decide on our own future, and our relationship to other nations in the Horn of Africa, by the sacrifices of our sons and daughters of the Oromo Liberation Army!

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