OMN: Dookumantarii Karrayyuu

OMN: Dookumantarii Karrayyuu

The Oromos living in Dessie town of Wollo especially Dessie city has joined the liberation of Oromia OLF .The most heavy war is going on in Dessie town since the federal war between the government of Ethiopia and Tigre in Wollo region. Most of the people living in Oromos are Oromo and Tigre.


  1. OMN,
    This has to be one of the best news/documentary segments you have ever done in my book! For those of us who can not be there to bear arms and defend our Karrayyuu people, how about you organizing a fund raising campaign via GoFundMe page or with the Macha Tulama Association, for examle? Please, please, help us HELP OUR PEOPLE!

  2. My heart aches for my beautiful people of Karrayyuu, ya Oromo! How can we help? Macha Tulama Association: please organize a fund raising campaign earmarked to help our people in this zone! Looking forward to hearing from you guys, MTA!

  3. Irkoo & Aba solan,

    Is it just me or are we really as weak as I think we are in coming to the aid of our people in an organized fashion? Sometimes, I feel like I am floating out in a vacuum watching our febrile response to the call for help from our own mothers and fathers! I am just saddened by it all!

    How can we NOT DO SOMETHING to HELP the people of Karrayyuu for goodness sake? OMN posts a moving segment on the plight of our BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE and NEVER follows up on its audiences’ response to the story! I just feel like crying!

    • It is really pathetic Yoni, that NOT one proper Oromo entity has stepped forward to say “let’s help in this fashion!” I know MTA organized some fund raiser for our people in Wollo a bit back, but they seem to be completely silent this time…
      It is sad really!

  4. I hate to be cynical, but OMN folks are probably content watching the nicely curated YouTube data feed such as, the number of views, LIKES, Comments, etc. to their news story posts!

    The problem we have, partly, is that people, in general, READ less today! I really doubt it that any of these guys read Kichuu’s pages at all for the response their stories generate! Look, to be honest, I did not read Kichuu and Ayyaantuu’s pages consistently either, until I began seeing some good articles followed by some really well written comments appearing here! If I remember correctly, for me, the turning point was reading the ‘education’ a certain TPLF activist on these pages received from some Oromo brains for an intellectual foul he committed! LOL

    For OMN, Kichuu is just ANOTHER distribution Channel for their stories! I hope they fix this oversight on their part soon!

    I would love to help our BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE of the Karrayyuu too! But my search for a way to do that comes back empty!

  5. I keep coming back to this page hoping to see a response from OMN or, at least, a web link from someone on how to help our people, the Karrayyuu Oromo! Nothing! What a shame!

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