OMN: Dokumantariiy “DUULA DIRQII”

OMN: Dokumantariiy “DUULA DIRQII”

Ethiopia: 3 New Developments

Qophii Raadiyoo Arraata Biyyoolessa Oromiyaa Fulbaana 15, 2021


  1. OMN,
    Great work on the ‘Dulla Dirqii’ documentary! I stopped following as well as supporting you financially, when you were WRONGLY declaring that our people had achieved their “freedom,” after the ascent of Abiyot Ahmed to power in Ethiopia.

    The part of your mistake that COULD have done an irreparable damage to the aspirations of our people for National Sovereignty was your active campaign to disarm our Oromo Liberation Army fighters, as IF LIBERTY AND THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS ARE MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE! Yes, that was truly, ignorant, sad AND shortsighted!

    It seems that you have found your way again though! I and many other Oromo nationalists who have been watching you in disappointment will be back to stand by you! Welcome back! Now Let us get behind the Oromo Liberation Army without ANY RESERVATION!

    Delighted you have re-assumed your rightful place as a voice of our people!

  2. If Guyyoo Waariyoo will back off just a little bit from the Sound Effects button at his introduction of segments, I am all BACK in too! (Just kidding OMN! You are back AND I am delighted! Now let us GET BEHIND our OLA!!!)

  3. Aba Solan & Irkoo,
    I read your comments on Ayyaantuu about OMN’s live stream program today! Yes, they are back; and OUR PEOPLE WILL BE BETTER OFF FOR IT! Like the two of you, I stopped sending in my little contributions a bit over two years ago!

    After listening to Dejene’s message to our youth this morning, I have also decided to get back in line behind them!

    See Kichuu and Ayyaantuu are finally becoming successful at bringing together like minded Oromos! LOL

    Irkoo: your dig at Guyyoo’s sound effects ‘mucho joy’ had me cracking up! BTW, I really love the current crew at OMN! That goes for ALL of them! Now, if they will only begin reading the responses of those of us who are NOT COOL with Social Media, but ‘live’ here on Kichuu and Ayyaantuu, it will even be better!

  4. I am still waiting to see if they will respond to all the suggestions posted here on Kichuu, following their documentary work on the current and urgent plight of our people, the Karrayyuu!

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