Omg! Is the TPLF tyrannical regime so smart, or are their servants so stupid, maybe both?

Omg! Is the TPLF tyrannical regime so smart, or are their servants so stupid, maybe both? Because the so-called Oromo and Amhara region “leaders” are trying to resuscitate the almost dead EPRDF.

Do these “leaders” have inferiority complex? Why are they so dependent on the TPLF, having all populations’ support. Why do they bow to the minority tyrannical TPLF? They have the majority people behind them. Something is wrong with their IQ. The saddest part is that these leaders are trying to confuse the people they are “leading”

Nothing is there, instead of giving an answer to the real question the people are asking.
The Ethiopian people are clear in their demands they want regime change from the TPLF dominance for over 26 years, they want freedom, Jobs, good education, be the owner of their own natural resources, free all political prisoners, justice for all, end the superiority of one ethnic group in that country.

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  1. The oromo plitics is going to the run direction with the new president who is a political novis and is very much our of depth, this flirting with the amhara old dogs will not pay off but will be lead to great disapointment if he thinks this is great allience. It seems he didn’t think about the consequence that will follow after this action, he only considered political actors within the country without thinking about the important roll the neighbouring countries have. He threw the dying amhara bigots a lifeline which is a big mistake. it would have been better for him to put his emotions aside and think long term and not break away from the somali and tigray politician who have same goal as the oromos. the amhara if given one chance will distroy oromia and outmanover you politically once they get rid of tplf and liyuu police. not only that they will be able to contain you militarly because the have greater population than tigray, yes you may think you have greater population but you also have divisions and religous faultlines that can be exploited to their advantage once they come to power. Remember there is war on terror going on in this region and they will probably label the oromo muslim as extremist, why not use this against you? this strategy worked for tplf and they will use it as well and they are four times more in terms of population and politically savvy than tplf. weather you like or not you have make a deal with tplf and the somalis to make the balance right or sell your soul to the devil.

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